Replacement windows come with several decisions to make. Even after window material, style, finish, and hardware are chosen, an equally important decision is the glass panes in the window. The two primary decisions to make regarding window glass is the number of panes of glass and if you will put any coatings on the glass panes for added benefits. Let’s explore options available in these two categories so your choices can create a positive investment for your windows and meet the needs for your home’s environment.

When you get started with a remodeling project like window replacement, there are probably a lot of questions on your mind. How much does window replacement cost? Is there a standard size for windows? How will I know what options to consider? How long will it take to install new windows? How do I know my windows need replaced? Will they need it again soon?

When considering replacement windows, the options are abundant. To choose windows that will be long-lasting for your home and meet your budget, having the information to make an educated choice is important. Usually, if you are considering replacement windows, you are interested in improving the value and efficiency of their home, or the current windows have started to show signs of failure. But not all concerns you may have with your home’s windows necessarily mean they need to be replaced. 

Spring Cleaning Kick Startwindow cleaning

When it comes to maintaining your new windows, attention to detail is important. While our installers do a magnificent job of checking all of their work, it’s still a good idea to give your windows a simple check to make sure they are still in top condition. Spring cleaning is a great time to do this. If you’re already getting everything shined up, you might as well take a quick look.

We’ve put together a quick walk through of how to clean and maintain your windows here.
Infinity from Marvin has a full guide on how to completely clean your windows and you can download your window’s owner manual for even more information.

Does my patio door need replaced? How do I know? Whether you’re making a decision to replace it for cosmetic reasons or evaluating if it needs replaced for functionality, choosing a new patio door can feel like a big process. It’s not just about making an update- you want this investment to be a worthwhile addition to your home and to blend seamlessly. Let’s walk through the steps to be sure you choose wisely.

First, does your patio door even need replaced?
If you aren’t sure, there are a couple indications you can check for:

Have you recently added a patio or deck to your home? Or maybe your patio door you’ve had for years seems to have glass that you can’t get clean or looks foggy? If your patio door is needing replaced, or you are adding a new door to your home, you have a lot of options in front of you and it can be difficult to know where to start!

Here are some decision points you have when selecting your patio door for your home.

12 Tips to Keep Your Home Warm this Winter

Weather is unpredictable in Kansas and this season has been particularly indecisive. After some brief moisture, we seemed to return to some higher temperatures, which has caused many to put off home winterizing tasks. With an icy January, many are regretting that now. But it’s not too late to perform some winter home maintenance. You can still protect your belongings from damage from the cold and ice this season while lowering your utility bills by increasing your home's efficiency.