Brutal winter weather in February of 2021 left many homeowners in Manhattan, Topeka, and the surrounding northeast Kansas area with layers of ice forming on their windows, inside their homes. In a lot of cases, this ice was over an inch thick! While you might be thinking this is due to the -20 degree temperatures we saw, plus the fact that many people lost power due to ice or rolling blackouts, that’s actually not the cause!

Survive a Home Remodel

So you’re planning a remodeling project. The planning phase can be so exciting as you pick out materials and colors, envisioning how your home will be improved by the work. But when it comes time to start the project, it can feel overwhelming. How do you know you chose the best materials? Will your contractor deliver the expected results? How long will the project take to complete? What if you run into setbacks that impact your budget?

All of these questions can induce some stress. But there are tips you can follow to help make your remodeling project go as smoothly as possible. Luckily, with exterior remodeling projects, your normal life is much less impacted than with an interior makeover.  Following these steps will help you communicate clearly with your contractor and prepare for your renovation project.

Whether deciding to re-side your home is a cosmetic choice or a one of need to protect the integrity of your home, there are so many options and styles available, it can feel like a massive undertaking just to make the smallest decision. 

This guide will walk you through the different terms you need to know when picking out siding, siding material options you have and their pros and cons, and different siding styles.

Considering Vinyl Windows? Know the cost, quality, and comparisons.

If you’ve been considering replacing windows in your home, chances are you have looked at some vinyl window options. Being the most popular replacement window material on the market, you can find vinyl windows just about anywhere - from your local hardware store to a whole slew of manufacturers and installers. So you know that vinyl windows are a widely available option, but it’s important to look at what you get with this material, and if there are any lesser-known alternatives as well.

In the winter, the environment inside our homes changes- we keep doors and windows closed to keep the cold out, we run the furnace, and we may even run a humidifier to combat head colds and dry throats. These changes can cause condensation to collect on windows and other areas in your home.

Is Gutter Protection Necessary?

If you have been to a home show or are interested in home renovation, you have probably seen gutter protection options before. But are they really necessary? The short answer is, no. If you don’t mind cleaning out your gutters seasonally or whenever a problem arises, then you can get by without gutter guards just fine. However, if you would like to spend less time maintaining your home and would like to invest in your home’s value, gutter protection systems are a wonderful invention.

Fall is just around the corner: time to get your house in shape for the cooler months ahead. Although autumn can be one of the busiest seasons for homeowners preparing for winter, it’s also the best time to take advantage of the moderate weather to repair any damages before the first frost sets in. Here are some home maintenance ideas that will keep your home running in peak condition all winter long.

This guide walks through the checklist items to help you prepare your home for fall and later, winter weather. If you would like a printable checklist to help you mark items off your list and easily keep track of your progress, download it here