Patio doors open up the home to the fresh air and beautiful scenery, no matter where you live. You want a door that is welcoming to the home, inviting, and one that is a perfect snapshot of the house you have made into a home.

When it is time to replace your patio door, you don’t want to skimp on any part of the design to save money in the long run. These types of home replacements are worth the investment to create a beautiful entryway to the backyard, side of the home, or even balcony. When considering a new patio door, keep in mind these options to match the style of the patio door to the style of your home.

Fall is a beautiful season and a great time for fix-it-up projects around the house! Adding curb appeal can go a long way when adding value to your home, improving the exterior for your own enjoyment, or taking care of maintenance that is overdue.

Before jumping into any remodeling or renovation project, we always recommend you spend time thinking about a few things: your budget, the timeline for your project, and the purpose. When you have these clearly outlined, your project will go much more smoothly and you can avoid unexpected bumps along the way. Whether you are looking to upgrade your home’s style, need to make a repair, or are ready to replace something or improve your home’s value, your budget, timelines, and purpose will guide your decision-making throughout the project.

When considering replacement windows, the options are abundant. This guide will help you know all the options you need to consider!

To choose windows that will be long-lasting for your home and meet your budget, having the information to make an educated choice is important. Before you get started, you first need to understand what signs mean your windows need replaced and some things that may be able to be repaired instead. 

Summertime in Kansas means thunderstorms, wind, high heat index, and possibly tornadoes. Winter on the other hand brings ice and extreme cold. How do you make sure your home is able to handle both efficiently without sustaining damage?


Replacing your old windows is one of the best investments you can make in your home. The impact energy-efficient windows have on your electric bill, the overall look of your home’s exterior, and your home’s long-term value are nearly unable to be matched by any other renovation.

When you think about investing in your home’s value, your gutters are probably not the first thing that comes to mind. After all, they are made to blend into the look of your home and not be too noticeable. We do our best to NOT think about gutters!

Pros and Cons of Fiberglass Windows

Fiberglass is one of the most popular window materials on the market, but the price tag is usually a little higher than most other options.