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5 Signs It Is Time For New Fiberglass Windows On Your Lee’s Summit, KS Home

5 Signs It Is Time For New Fiberglass Windows On Your Lee's Summit, KS HomeHow To Tell If Your House Requires Expert

5 Signs It Is Time For New Fiberglass Windows On Your Lee’s Summit, KS Home

5 Signs It Is Time For New Fiberglass Windows
On Your Lee’s Summit, KS Home

How To Tell If Your House Requires
Expert Window Replacement

The original windows of your home will typically last 20 to 30 years. After that, they often leak, allow in drafts, and cost you excess energy to heat and cool the dwelling. At that point, your best bet is to invest in fiberglass window replacement.

The longer you wait to replace your windows, the more you’ll pay in utility bills and the less comfortable you’ll find the home. Below are some key signs it is time to install new fiberglass windows in Lee’s Summit.

1. Rising Greater Kansas City Metropolitan Area Utility Costs

Aging windows are often unable to prevent heat transfer. This results in hotter interior temperatures during summer and colder indoor temperatures during winter. This causes your heating and cooling system to work harder than it has to all year round. The result is that you pay more for utility bills to keep your home comfortable.

Heat transfer through your windows occurs for numerous reasons. For instance, the glass may be only a single-pane thick. Glass is normally a good insulator, but window panes are very thin and heat can slip through them easily. Moreover, the frames may be made from aluminum, which is a good conductor and lets heat travel from one side to the other.

Fiberglass window replacements often feature multi-paned glass. This type of window features two or three panes of glass that sandwich an inert gas like argon. Argon resists heat transfer because the atoms move only very little. The same is true of fiberglass frames. These qualities prevent heat loss or gain, keep your house comfortable, and reduce utility costs.

2. Drafts Or Hot Spots In Your Lee’s Summit Home

By reducing drafts from entering your Greater Kansas City Metropolitan Area home, you keep the interior more comfortable. Even if your furnace or air conditioner is operating at top efficiency and put out as much warmth or cooling as possible, they won’t keep your home comfortable if your windows let in drafts of hot or cold air.

In winter, you may notice a cold breeze coming off your windows, even if they are sealed against drafts. The reason for this is that cold air tends to fall, while hot air rises. When warm air from your house hits a cold window, the air becomes cold and begins to drop toward the floor.

Occupants of the room will feel this movement as a cold breeze. This makes it uncomfortable to sit in the room when it is cold outdoors. The opposite is also true. Heat can enter the home through drafts around the pane or even through the glass. This can lead you to feel hot during summer in rooms with aging windows – even as the air conditioner works to keep up.

Fiberglass window replacement solves these problems and keeps you more comfortable.

3. HVAC Problems Or Breakdowns

As discussed above, old windows permit heat and cold to enter your home and cause your heating and cooling systems to work overtime. Not only does this increase your utility bills but it also increases the risk of HVAC breakdowns. If you notice your furnace or air conditioner having repeated issues, it could mean you need fiberglass window replacement.

This is particularly true if your HVAC and windows are both original to the house. If they haven’t been replaced yet, it is likely that the combination of the two aging products will exacerbate the problem. Thus, if you find yourself calling for the HVAC repair company multiple times a year, the issue could be that your home needs new fiberglass windows.

4. Fading Furniture In Your Lee’s Summit, KS Home

Another problem with older windows is that they permit ultraviolet (UV) radiation to enter your home. UV is type of radiation on the electromagnetic spectrum above visible light. You cannot see it, but it causes carpets, wallpaper, paint, and upholstery to fade. It also causes leather to turn dry and brittle, and it damages hardwood floors.

Replacement fiberglass windows often offer coatings that filter out UV radiation while allowing visible light to enter. This lets you increase natural light indoors without damaging flooring, furniture, or wall coverings.

5. Damaged Or Peeling Window Frames

A final sign that you need a fiberglass window replacement is damaged or peeling frames. As they age, wood frames absorb moisture, swell, contract, and suffer damage. They crack, rot, and cause paint to peel.

Meanwhile, aluminum frames suffer pitting as they age. In both cases, damaged frames can result in loss of insulation. They also affect the home’s curb appeal. Rotting, peeling, or pitted frames look terrible and can affect the perceived property value of your home.

If you intend to put the house on the market, you will be able to command a much higher selling price and a more rapid sale if you schedule a fiberglass window replacement project.

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