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Advantages Of Fiberglass Windows

7 Advantages Of Fiberglass Windows In Topeka, KSWhy You Need Fiberglass Windows In Your HomeChoosing the right

Advantages Of Fiberglass Windows

7 Advantages Of Fiberglass Windows
In Topeka, KS

Why You Need Fiberglass Windows
In Your Home

Choosing the right windows for your Topeka, KS, home is essential for having the best view and getting the most out of your natural lighting options. Here at Midland Exteriors, we’ve chosen to specialize in installing Infinity® fiberglass windows by Marvin because of their excellent benefits.

When you need replacement windows, consider these 7 excellent advantages of fiberglass windows before you make your decision. You won’t be disappointed.

1. Increased Strength

Fiberglass frames offer superior strength when compared to vinyl frames. In fact, they are eight times stronger. This allows them to be made thinner than vinyl frames, expanding the view through the window and letting more natural light pass through into your home. Despite this increased strength, fiberglass frames are also incredibly lightweight.

2. Extreme Durability

It’s a lot harder to damage a fiberglass window frame than it is to other materials. Fiberglass will not rot, corrode, rust, or become deformed. Additionally, chemicals and pollution cannot degrade it. Shrinking and warping will also not be a problem with temperature and humidity changes.

The impact resistance is extremely high – much higher than that of other window frames. This is because fiberglass distributes the load of an impact across the material, unlike alternatives that merely deform under pressure.

Minimal maintenance is required to keep these windows looking brand new, making them even more attractive to homeowners.

3. Energy-Efficient

Fiberglass windows offer excellent energy efficiency as they are manufactured to stand up to extreme heat and cold. Like the glass it surrounds, fiberglass is a strong insulator. Because of this, fiberglass will absorb and hold in heat, keeping your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

As a result of the low thermal conductivity of this material, you will enjoy increased energy savings that you will not get from alternatives, such as vinyl. In addition to saving money, you’ll be able to enjoy feeling comfortable in every room of your house with fiberglass windows installed.

4. Amazing Sound Insulation

Fiberglass windows do not have the potential for seal leaks or air gaps to form over time, making them remain efficient at insulating your home from outside noises. Like with heat, they prevent the transfer of noise, keeping your home a quiet refuge from the bustling world around you.

5. Maximum Options For Style And Color

Unlike vinyl window frames, fiberglass offers homeowners a much wider variety of options. With plenty of colors to choose from, you can expertly match them to your home’s exterior. If necessary, installers can even paint them for maximum uniformity. On the other hand, vinyl cannot be stained or painted and only comes in a handful of color options.

You can also choose a design that mimics the natural appearance of wood. This is a valuable asset when trying to match the aesthetic of a historic design in older homes.

6. Environmentally Friendly

For those homeowners looking to decrease their environmental impact, fiberglass windows are an excellent option. They are mostly made of sand, which is abundant and easily recycled. Fiberglass takes, on average, 80% less energy to create than other materials. Additionally, the energy efficiency created by the windows will help decrease your impact.

7. Excellent Return On Investment

Fiberglass windows are a real head-turner when selling your home. They increase the property value and make the home more desirable to home buyers. So, when considering your replacement window material, don’t forget the potential for your return on investment.

Are Fiberglass Windows Better Than Vinyl?

While many other options have been popular, you may wonder if fiberglass windows are better than vinyl. The short answer is yes. Vinyl doesn’t have the impact resistance, energy efficiency, durability, and color options that fiberglass offers. So, while vinyl has been a favorite in the past, fiberglass is the clear winner of the two today.

It may have a higher upfront investment, but the returns are significant enough that the windows will ultimately pay for themselves.

Have Your Replacement Fiberglass Windows Installed
By The Experts In Topeka, KS

Having your fiberglass windows installed is an excellent investment that you should leave up to the Topeka, KS, replacement window experts. Here at Midland Exteriors, we don’t skimp on quality or service.

Every detail of your installation is important to us – even the ones you can’t see. That’s why we only use the best products and have the best installation team.

Call us today at (855) 735-8255 to schedule your free estimate.

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