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Avoid These Window Security Mistakes

Getting Replacement Fiberglass WindowsIn Topeka, KS? Don’t Make TheseCommon Security Mistakes Protect Your Home And

Avoid These Window Security Mistakes

Getting Replacement Fiberglass Windows
In Topeka, KS? Don’t Make These
Common Security Mistakes

Protect Your Home And Family
With The Best Fiberglass
Replacement Windows

Getting new fiberglass windows in Topeka, KS can bring a ton of excellent benefits to your home. From beauty and durability to excellent energy efficiency, you can’t go wrong with this option.

However, one of the most commonly overlooked features of any window replacement project is security. A common misconception is that you can’t have secure and beautiful windows.

Here at Midland Exteriors, we offer the best fiberglass replacement windows in Shawnee County. We understand the importance of window security and have prepared this guide to help you avoid common security mistakes.

Keeping Your Old Windows Instead Of Opting
For A Fiberglass Window Replacement

Technology is constantly advancing across all home improvement industries, and windows are no exception. The windows you installed 20 years ago lack the modern-day features of today’s options.

Along with improved energy efficiency and soundproofing, you’ll frequently find better durability. What does this mean for security? You’ll be less likely to have an intruder break in.

We rely on Marvin’s Infinity® fiberglass windows to ensure our homeowners get the biggest bang for their buck. These windows are 8x stronger than vinyl alternatives, making them ideal for home security.

Not Upgrading To Double Or Triple-Pane
Fiberglass Windows

Most windows that were installed decades ago are single-pane. Because of this, it’s incredibly easy to break through the glass.

When choosing your fiberglass replacement windows, consider options that are double or triple-pane. Because there are multiple panes to make their way through, would-be intruders will have a harder time entering your home.

Don’t Skimp On The Best Fiberglass
Replacement Windows

It may be tempting to try to save money by shopping at the local big-box retail store for your replacement windows. However, you’ll want to consider the downsides that come with these cookie-cutter options.

As with most things, when it comes to fiberglass windows, you get what you pay for. Choosing a lower price may mean a lower-quality product made with a flimsy frame or easily broken glass.

Even worse, premade windows aren’t manufactured to fit your home specifically. They’re a one-size-fits-all option that doesn’t really fit all sizes.

If your windows don’t fit perfectly into your home, it may make it easier for intruders to remove them or find their way in. We custom-fit your windows to ensure the ideal fit for both your home’s security and energy efficiency.

It’s essential not to skimp on your initial investment to ensure a precise fit and a product made with exceptional materials.

DIYing Your Fiberglass Window Installation

There’s no doubt that home improvement projects are a major investment in your Topeka, KS home. Because of this, many homeowners often wonder whether a DIY fiberglass window installation would be in their best financial interests.

There are actually quite a few reasons why you should leave this kind of project up to the pros. For starters, an improper installation can make your windows significantly less secure. Any gapping or a poor seal will result in a window that is more easily breached.

Without the experience, knowledge, and specialized tools of a professional fiberglass window installer, your DIY project will likely not succeed. To ensure a proper seal and tight fit, turn to the experts at Midland Exteriors for an impeccable installation.

Add A Multi-Point Locking System
To Your Fiberglass Windows

While windows are outfitted with locking mechanisms, some can be enhanced further with more advanced options. Multi-point locking systems require additional steps to ensure your windows are secure, making it harder for the window to be breached.

For those window styles where this is not an option, be sure to ask your fiberglass window installer what is available. There are many external locking mechanisms on the market that can be added to your window to improve security.

When you’re ready to upgrade your windows to the best fiberglass windows available in Topeka, KS, turn to the professionals at Midland Exteriors. Call us today to schedule your free consultation.

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