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Can You Install Gutter Guards On Existing Gutters?

Can You Install Gutter Guards On ExistingGutters In Council Grove, KS? Gutter Protection May SaveYou Time And

Can You Install Gutter Guards On Existing Gutters?

Can You Install Gutter Guards On Existing
Gutters In Council Grove, KS?

Gutter Protection May Save
You Time And Money

Gutter protection in Council Grove, KS helps keep your gutters operating at their best. A new seamless gutter system can do wonders for your home, but that added layer of protection from a gutter guard can even improve the function of your existing gutters.

Midland Exteriors offers gutter protection systems in Morris County. We install gutter guards on new gutters or existing gutters because we want everyone to have access to the best products in the industry.

How Gutter Guards Work On Existing Gutters

A gutter guard is a shield for your gutters that helps filter out debris while still allowing water to flow through. There are many different types of gutter protection systems, but most work with existing gutters.

Gutter hoods, solid shields that allow water to flow through a gap, are likely the least universal. However, a screen, mesh, or micro-mesh gutter protection system will adapt to almost any type of gutter.

These systems are cut to fit like puzzle pieces, sealed and secured to your gutters, whether you have round, K-style, or any other shape of gutters. They also work for both seamless gutters and traditional gutters. However, seamless gutters are recommended for optimal performance.

Why Gutter Gekko Is Ideal For Existing Gutters

Gutter Gekko’s micro-mesh system is the gutter protection we use at Midland Exteriors. It is the best overall because it’s universal, filters out even the tiniest debris, and can handle up to 60 gallons of water per minute.

While Gutter Gekko works wonders on a new gutter system, it’s also the ideal option for attaching to existing gutters for various reasons.

Easy To Cut

Gutter Gekko is easy to cut and fit any type of gutter system. At Midland Exteriors, we cut it on-site to ensure the perfect fit every time. The seams are also cut to overlap to prevent debris from getting through while still ensuring water flows freely. Due to the thin mesh, this is the best method for dealing with gutter guard seams.

Snapped Lips

The lips on the Gutter Gekko snap to the edges of your gutters, no matter their shape or size. This keeps them secure and is a superior option to those that simply slide into place without added stability.

Not only do these lips help keep the guard in place, but they strengthen your gutters. The edges of your gutters are secured in place, which prevents them from pulling away. Because of this, the snaps may even extend the life of your gutter.

Raised End Caps

Gutter Gekko comes with small end caps you can snap to the ends of your gutters. They blend in with your gutters, appearing as part of the original design.

The end caps are sealed and crimped to ensure ultimate security. Once installed, the end caps help keep water flowing properly by keeping it from running off the ends of the gutters.

Aluminum Miter Edges

The miter edges are one of the most revolutionary parts of Gutter Gekko. These edges come in two styles: inside miter and straight miter. The inside miters go in corners, such as roof valleys, and the straight miters go in areas with more than one corner, such as dormers.

Miters are amazing tools that help keep your gutter protection system strong even under heavy volumes of water. Gutter Gekko uses solid aluminum miters that are sealed and secured to the corners of your gutters.

Is It Better To Get New Gutters Before
Getting Gutter Protection?

In short, yes, it’s almost always better to get new gutters. But sometimes, a gutter guard alone is enough to eliminate seasonal maintenance while giving your gutters new life. If you choose to install new gutters with your gutter guard, seamless gutters are ideal.

Seamless gutters have fewer leaks because they don’t have seams. They are also cut to fit perfectly on-site, much like micro-mesh gutter guards.

Midland Exteriors offers exceptional gutter guards and seamless gutters to help protect your home. If you’re ready to install a new gutter protection system for your Council Grove, KS home, call us today at (855) 735-8255 for your free quote.

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