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Case Study: Window Replacement With Midland

Case Study: What It’s Like To Replace Windows With Midland – In Our Customers’ Own WordsFrom A To Z, See What To

Case Study: Window Replacement With Midland

Case Study: What It’s Like To Replace Windows
With Midland – In Our Customers’ Own Words

From A To Z, See What To Expect When You Work With Us

What’s the experience like to replace your Kansas home’s windows with Midland Exteriors? Whether you need five or twenty, that’s what it really comes down to. Because your Replacement Windows are only as good as the company that gets them to your home and installs them.

  • At Midland, we focus on premium fiberglass windows.
  • Our seasoned installers are factory-trained specialists.

And it’s easy to KNOW that, but that doesn’t really tell you anything about the A to Z experience. We could be the most specialized window installers on Earth, but if our customer service is lacking or if we’re sloppy or unprofessional, that makes a difference.

Let’s see what a couple of our recent Windows customers have to say.

Review #1: The Experience Of Tom’s Family

We picked Midland after listening to several other sales pitches, each having their own reasons for us to buy. Midland stood out as a clear favorite, and having a local contractor was important just in case service would be needed in the future. All our questions were answered before we decided, and I appreciated their no-pressure-to-buy approach.

You bet. At Midland, we genuinely believe in Zero-Pressure quotes.

Because we focus on service and getting folks the most value, “sales” really aren’t involved. Of course, we actually have to sell you window products to install them, but our focus is matching you with best-scenario solutions.

Now, after having our windows installed, I feel highly confident that we made the right choice. The installation went smoothly and was finished on time. The crew was fantastic, polite, and concerned with the way my home looked. They even removed their boots when installing them inside the house. Additionally, the window staining matched our existing woodwork to a tee. A homerun in our eyes.

We’re not here to waste your time or put you through any nonsense. We’re here to work and help people in our community benefit from industry-best windows.

Rather than sales, expect crystal-clear, consistent, and Open Communication.

The finished work product was more than what we expected. And everything was cleaned up before they left. A truly professional team doing a truly professional job. Thanks Midland.

Why are we so professional, and why does our team get these projects done like a well-oiled machine? Because we love this line of work! It’s really that simple. We love our business, what we do for local families across our Kansas service areas, and who we do it for.

Review #2: The Experience Of Becky’s Family

We’re completely satisfied with the experience we’ve had with Midland Exteriors. This company promptly returned my call requesting an estimate for window replacement. The representative came at the agreed time. He provided an estimate on the spot after carefully measuring the interior and exterior.

We’re not going to ghost you. We’re not going to leave you hanging. We’re not going to keep you outside the loop along the process like so many other so-called Kansas “replacement window specialists” do.

At Midland, we believe in having and demonstrating Unflinching Integrity.

He provided clear details about our choices and offered suggestions for our design questions. He gave us a timeline for ordering and shipping the window. And it happened!

Imagine that…we did what we said we’d do. Becky was actually surprised after getting subpar service from other contractors in the past. Our product specialist laid it all out for her in black and white and offered honest, professional insights and suggestions when asked.

The window was installed today by two excellent workers who were very careful with new landscaping outside and our furnishings on the inside. We are very grateful for this company and its employees.

As you can see, our factory-trained installers aren’t just talented and detailed…they’ll be courteous and respectful of both the inside and outside of your home. From our Impeccable Installations to the caliber of our service, you can expect the royal treatment from Midland.

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Those are two of our many 5-star customer reviews. You’re encouraged to read through as many as you need to know you can get in touch with us and share your exterior remodeling goals.

We’re happy to give you the time, answer initial questions, address concerns, and get you scheduled for a home visit if you’re interested. We’re here to help and look forward to hearing from you soon.

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