The choice of replacement windows is equally as important as the choice of installers. It can be hard to compare apples to apples when there are different variables to consider when comparing price options for windows. There are many factors that make up the longevity of your windows and contribute to that price point. The fact of the matter is that window replacements can be pricey, and you want to be able to compare the right windows for your budget. Not all windows are equal and not all installers are equal. 

The Choice of Windows

There are many different factors to consider that affect the price point of windows. 

Frame/Style: Picture windows, single-hung, double-hung, sliding, skylight and casement are a few options for window frames. Single-hung is a very popular, low-cost option, and is often found on the ground floor of a home. Double-hung allows the windows to slide down or swing open and is a bit more expensive of an option. Skylight tends to be on the more expensive end due to the difficulty of installation. 

Performance: When considering the performance of windows, there are many different areas to consider. If your windows are old, leaking air, becoming difficult to open or close, or have a broken seal, they aren’t performing well. Additionally, keep in mind that older homes can increase labor costs because of the structural issues that may require more careful installation. 

Design: When you have the opportunity for new windows, the design you choose can be personalized to your liking. This can include different colors, types of glass, and the shape of the window, and each can affect the price of windows.

Material: Price can also vary greatly depending on the type of material you choose for your new windows. There are pros and cons to every material you choose. Not all windows are created equally! Two of the most popular materials when picking windows include Vinyl or Fiberglass. 

  • Vinyl Windows - Vinyl windows are particularly popular because of their affordability and durability. They look nice, can be customized to your liking, and are low maintenance. However, because they are made of plastic, they are typically not a very sturdy structure. Plastic is highly affected by temperature, as it expands in the heat and contracts in the cold, leading to a less secure hold to your house, decreasing the overall energy efficiency of your home. Many vinyl windows may only last three years but can perform up to 10 years.  It is not the strongest option but is budget-friendly for many to consider.
  • Fiberglass - Fiberglass windows are low maintenance and are made of high-quality materials. This is the option we most often recommend. Fiberglass is stronger than vinyl and is less susceptible to temperature changes, so it is less likely to endure seal failures. Even further, we would recommend Infinity From Marvin windows, as they have a special type of fiberglass - Ultrex. To add, Ultrex is 8x stronger than Vinyl. It is more expensive than standard windows, but in comparison to the longevity of these windows, the investment is worth it.  

Location: Where your windows are located also impacts the cost of replacing them. Windows on the ground floor require less labor to install than replacing second floor or basement windows. Similarly, windows in the foyer, bathroom or bedroom are lower cost as they use standard size windows. Other decorative windows will be more expensive, as well as the upstairs, as they require higher labor costs and special equipment. 

The Choice of Installers

How your window is installed is just as important if not more important than the window materials. You can choose to buy the best window on the market, with years of longevity, and top-rated energy efficiency, but if it is installed poorly, you are doing your home a disservice. Installers should be trained and have optimal expertise in the brand’s product line that they are installing. As the homeowner, it is your responsibility to check their installation process and ask about certifications, years of service, and assess their expertise. You want the best of the best when considering adding to the longevity of your home. The company you choose to work with should be able to understand any type of issues that you could run into and know they stand by their work and will fix problems down the road if they should arise. 

Choosing a professional installer for your replacement project can be pricey, but is worth the investment. The quality of materials, craftsmanship, and installation should all be factored into the cost of replacement windows. You shouldn’t ever sacrifice quality if your budget allows. It is important to look beyond the price tag and consider the whole package of windows throughout their lifespan. Oftentimes, the higher initial price will help you to save money in the long term. 

With a company like Midland Exteriors, you can be assured of top-quality service. We take pride in the work we do, and the clients we work with, and are very straightforward throughout the process. Midland Exteriors provides free estimates, so there are no games or high-pressure sales. We know how special your home is to you, and want to help you continue to love the home you live in with better materials and our incredible attention to detail. 


Window replacements don’t have to be an overwhelming expense! But there are factors you should consider before making a huge investment in your home. Your relationship with the installing company will last much longer than the window replacement process, and you should prioritize a window company that you support and trust after the installation. This is a huge investment for your home, and you want to trust the company that they will get a job well done! 

To assist during this process, here are a few questions to keep in your back pocket when comparing price options on windows and considering an exterior remodeling company for the project.

Questions you should consider when comparing price options on windows include:

  • How much money will I save on energy bills going with a more energy-efficient option?
  • What are the costs to maintain the windows?
  • How long will these windows last? 
  • Does the installation company have a wide variety of options to customize to my taste?
  • What style of windows am I looking for? Are my personal preferences at a higher price point?

Questions for the exterior remodeling company: 

  • Do I enjoy my conversations with the exterior remodeling company? 
  • Are they true to their word? 
  • Do they brush off my concerns or pressure me into a quick decision? 
  • Will the windows be properly installed by competent, experienced window installers?
  • How much experience do the window installers have?
  • How long has the company been in business?
  • Are they prompt in returning my calls, texts, and emails?