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Different Types of Siding Materials

Different Types Of Siding Materials Used In Topeka, KSYour Guide To The Most Popular Siding MaterialsHaving the

Different Types of Siding Materials

Different Types Of Siding Materials Used
In Topeka, KS

Your Guide To The Most Popular
Siding Materials

Having the right siding installed on your Topeka, KS, home is essential to getting the most out of your investment. From matching your home’s aesthetic to protecting it from the harsh weather we experience, there are a lot of things to consider when deciding which one is the best for you.

Everything you ever wanted to know about the different types of siding materials, from vinyl to seamless siding, is in this guide. We’ll also tell you which material is best for your siding installation and why.

Vinyl Siding

The most cost-effective and low-maintenance option is vinyl siding. The installation process is straightforward, and some DIYers take it upon themselves to install it. The possibilities for colors, textures, and styles have grown over the years to include faux shakes and shingles. The panels can be vertical or horizontal, depending on your selected style.

By itself, it is very flexible and may rattle when the wind is high. However, when selecting this option, you can also have it insulated. This will increase the energy efficiency of the siding, helping to stabilize your indoor temperature and prevent energy loss through the walls of your home. Insulation also makes the panels more durable so they absorb impacts better.

Some of the downsides to this siding type include an inability to withstand the worst weather conditions, buildup of mold and grime, and visible seams resulting from the product being sold only in 12-foot sheets. While from a distance, vinyl may give the appearance of wood cladding, up close, it does not offer the same charming effect.

Fiber Cement Siding

For a beautiful boost in aesthetics and very low maintenance requirements, fiber cement is an excellent option. It’s offered in various colors and patterns, so you’ll have no problem matching your tastes and your home’s style. For the appearance of natural wood without all the work, fiber cement makes a reasonable substitution.

This siding material is exceptionally durable, so while it costs more upfront, the return on investment is worth it. It is rot and insect-resistant, holding up better than many other alternatives. Additionally, it won’t crack over time, holding up for as long as 50 years.

The downside to fiber cement siding is its extra weight compared to alternatives. Because it’s so heavy, your siding replacement must be professionally completed to be done correctly. It also may occasionally need to be refinished.

Wood Siding

One of the most classical cladding options available is natural wood siding. Wood is one of the most traditional styles of all the material options, as it was generally used when brick was not the best quality.

While beautiful, this siding option has several significant downsides. It is expensive when compared to the alternatives, and it requires extensive maintenance to ensure it remains protected from the elements.

Because of the requirements to have a stain or a paint finish, wood siding can suffer from extensive moisture problems when installed on a house with poor ventilation. It can also be affected by rot and insects.

Seamless Steel Siding

The seams on a home are where moisture can infiltrate, allowing the walls to rot. Seamless steel siding removes this risk from the table by eliminating those seams. It is custom fit specifically for your home, ensuring expert coverage. In addition to better protecting your home, this will create a more aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Seamless steel siding is resistant to fire, insects, moisture, rot, and warping. You’ll also find it does not chalk or fade over time and is extremely hard to dent. It’s basically maintenance-free, only needing to be rinsed off with a garden hose to clean it.

The only downside of this material is the need for a specialized installer who knows exactly what they are doing to provide an impeccable installation. Because the material is precisely cut to your home, any mistakes in the process will result in a poor finished product. Additionally, installation must be done with perfection to ensure it is truly seamless siding.

Which Material Is Best And Why?

Here at Midland Exteriors, seamless steel siding is the best option for our Topeka, KS, customers. The number one reason is that it expertly stands up to whatever our climate has to throw at it without any signs of failure. That precision fit to your home will guarantee absolute protection from all the harsh weather we get.

The special coating prevents moisture and oxygen from getting to the steel, ensuring it lasts as long as possible while reflecting the sun’s rays to keep your house cool. Steel is also the most recycled material in the United States, making this siding environmentally friendly.

For An Upgrade To Your Topeka, KS, Home’s Exterior, Rely On Midland Exteriors For All Your Siding Needs

For your siding replacement project, don’t settle for less – choose the best exterior remodeling company in Topeka, KS. Choose a company that puts everything into getting results for the customer.

At Midland Exteriors, we put results over profits every time. Simply put, we offer better materials, warranties, and results than the competition, guaranteed.

Call us today at (855) 735-8255 to schedule your free estimate.

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