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DIY Window Installation VS Hiring a Replacement Window Company

Should You Consider DIY Window Installation Or Hire A Company In Emporia, KS?DIY VS Professional Installation: Which Is

DIY Window Installation VS Hiring a Replacement Window Company

Should You Consider DIY Window Installation
Or Hire A Company In Emporia, KS?

DIY VS Professional Installation: Which Is Better?

As a homeowner in Emporia, KS, are you trying to be as self-sufficient as possible? If so, chances are you’ve watched YouTube videos on fixing leaky pipes and unclogging sinks. You may have even watched DIY fixer-upper shows to lay new flooring throughout your home.

The idea of being self-sufficient is excellent – and there is nothing wrong with people wanting to learn a new skill to keep their home looking and working perfectly. However, when it comes time to install new windows throughout your home, is it a task you should attempt yourself, or should you hire a company to handle installation?

We have outlined some pros and cons of trying it yourself or hiring a professional so you can have a clear picture of the best option for you.

4 Big Issues To Consider

Those who are avid DIY enthusiasts will argue that you must try every type of project to see what you can naturally do. In contrast, professional installers will say that window installation is only for professionals to handle.

Before you decide, you should consider four significant issues: cost, injury risk, warranties, and your skill to know whether to attempt DIY or call a professional.

Consider The Cost

One of the biggest reasons homeowners in the Lyon County area consider DIY replacement is that they think they can save a ton of money. Cost is one of the primary reasons why so many people are attempting more DIY fixes throughout their homes.

However, do you save with DIY installation? You will save on the labor costs you usually pay if a professional installs your windows. However, you may pay more for the window itself because you are not using a professional installer who often gets discounts when purchasing windows for clients.

Risk Of Injury

Did you know that many DIY projects in homes throughout the Emporia, KS, area end up with someone having to go to the doctor or emergency room due to injury? Window installation will often involve climbing up and down ladders, which could increase the chances of suffering from an injury.

While you can take every precaution possible not to fall, what about putting in the actual window? Many DIY homeowners have broken their fingers and cut themselves trying to install a window.

The risk of injury is one reason many people always use professional installers. Professional installers have the tools needed to complete the job and the experience to avoid making small mistakes that lead to injury.

Furthermore, what would you do if you were injured to the point that you could not work? While everyone would like to think it wouldn’t happen to them, it can. If you injure yourself to the point that you must take off work, that could mean no paycheck coming into your home while you heal.

Window Warranty

Did you know that many window manufacturers are only going to honor the warranty of a window if it is installed by a professional? Unfortunately, not everyone realizes this, and they find out the hard way.

Without a warranty, if the window has a defect and you installed it yourself, you may be out the cost of a new window rather than the manufacturer replacing it.

On the other hand, professional installers will not void the warranty. You may even get a contractor warranty with their service to protect you if anything goes wrong with the installation process.

Skill And Know How

DIY projects are great for homeowners to try and learn a new skill. However, you must consider whether you are comfortable taking the risk of your window installation project going haywire if you are still learning the process.

The window of your Emporia, KS, home is meant to allow you to see out, but it has the significant role of keeping things out of your home – things like wind and rain.

Too often, those who attempt DIY installation find out the hard way that their windows are leaking. If it takes a few months to realize the window is leaking, often the damage to the home’s interior has begun, which could lead to serious health and structural issues caused by mold growth.

How would you rate your skill and know-how when it comes to window installation? Are you confident enough to install these windows so you have no fear of leaks and mold in the future?

The Verdict Is In

If you look at all the significant issues associated with window installation and doing the installation on your own, the verdict is in: hire a professional! Here are the reasons why:

  1. While avoiding labor costs, you could void the warranty, throwing money down the drain. You will see even more expenses if you install it improperly since it can lead to more damage.
  2. No one needs to risk injury that is severe enough that it causes you to lose out on a paycheck every week.
  3. Professional installers have the skill, the tools, and the knowledge to install your windows correctly the first time around.

Overall, hiring a professional may cost more upfront, but it can save you money and give you peace of mind in the long run.

Free Window Estimates For Your Emporia, KS, Home

If your Emporia, KS, home needs window replacement, we are here to help. We are the professionals to call when your window needs replaced rather than take a chance on doing this yourself. Remember, being self-sufficient is excellent in your home, but don’t risk window installation, as it could lead to more damage later.

Contact us or call us at (855) 735–8255 today to set up your appointment!

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