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Do Fiberglass Windows Fade?

Emporia KS Homeowners Want To Know: Do Fiberglass Windows Fade?Why Are Fiberglass Windows A Great Choice?What

Do Fiberglass Windows Fade?

Emporia KS Homeowners Want To Know:
Do Fiberglass Windows Fade?

Why Are Fiberglass Windows A Great Choice?

What comes to mind when you consider the windows in your Emporia, KS, home? For those who have older windows, window replacement is what they immediately think about.

After all, old windows can be a waiting disaster for you. Plus, your wallet could already be paying the price as old windows are no longer energy efficient – resulting in a ton of energy being lost to the outside world.

Once you decide to get your windows, the next question to consider is what type of windows will you use in your Lyon County home. More and more people are thinking about fiberglass window replacement. Yes, fiberglass!

Today’s Fiberglass Is Amazing

Many people make the mistake of considering old fiberglass windows as “old and outdated.” However, today’s fiberglass windows are not something you should dismiss based on the past.

Years ago, fiberglass would turn chalky from sun exposure, come in white, and were only available in standard sizes – which limited many homes from using them. Today, fiberglass windows are customizable, available in numerous colors, and have UV-blocking coatings. You can even get fancy with additions, including a wood interior.

As you can see, the fiberglass of twenty years ago has been improved, so fiberglass windows are seeing more placement than vinyl windows.

However, one of the more critical questions that Emporia, KS homeowners ask is: Do fiberglass windows fade? The short answer is no.

The long answer is no; these fiberglass windows do not fade as they did years ago. Today, with the advancements in technology that allows for a thick UV coating, the sun can no longer affect the fiberglass as it did before.

If you are worried that fading will be an issue, then you can rest assured that these windows will look great for many years to come – making them the perfect choice for your home remodel. Because not only is fading not an issue, but they do not chip, rot, or wrap.

Maintenance For Fiberglass Windows

A big part of getting the life out of any fiberglass window replacements in the Lyon County area is ensuring that you maintain your windows appropriately. The good news is that fiberglass window replacements are not considered too demanding when it comes to maintenance.

You only need to clean these occasionally with water, mild soap, and a soft cloth. In addition, you should clean and lubricate the tracks to ensure that the windows are always opening as they should be.

Those who are changing the looks of their home will find that fiberglass windows can be painted to match the new look you are going for. They can be painted just like natural wood, so many people put this on their list of maintenance tasks to always have their windows looking like new.

The Strength Of Fiberglass Windows

When people hear the word ‘fiberglass,’ they focus on the ‘glass’ and think of breakable, shatter, and other terms associated with glass. For this reason, many homeowners decide that fiberglass window replacements are not for them – they think they are highly breakable.

However, that is a myth. Fiberglass windows are not glass like in a drinking glass in your kitchen. To make these windows, strands of fiberglass are woven together, put through a resin bath, and then heated to cure the resin.

When the entire process is complete – the fiberglass is more robust than your average piece of glass. And if you look at the competition (vinyl, wood windows, etc.), fiberglass replacement windows are as much as eight times stronger despite having the word ‘glass’ in them.

This strength is because the fiberglass will expand and contract at the same rate as the glass in the window, which allows the seals to stay intact. When vinyl or wood windows are involved, they are not moving with the glass – where a lot of the wear and tear comes from.

In addition, the possibility of having air leaks around the window is significantly decreased when you go with fiberglass windows because the seals remain tight. Which does aid in the insulation fiberglass replacement windows can offer a homeowner.

Are Fiberglass Windows For You?

For those looking to change their windows, fiberglass may be a type of window you haven’t given much thought to. However, it is an older technology that has been perfected over time and can benefit your home.

If you are serious about replacing the windows of your home, consider the following:

  • How much time do you want to spend on maintaining your windows?
  • Do you want windows that will remain gorgeous for years to come?
  • Would you like to have windows that you can easily paint to make them match a new color theme?
  • Do you want to install replacement windows that will last for years to come?

If you look at these questions and you find yourself wanting to spend less time on maintenance, enjoying gorgeous windows that you can easily paint to match later, and something that is going to last for years to come – fiberglass windows are the only type of replacement windows that fit these wants.

After all, the lifespan of fiberglass window replacements is fifty or more years. Once you change out to these windows, you may find that you never have to replace your windows again as long as you own your home. Who doesn’t want a low-maintenance, one-and-done window replacement?

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We don’t blame you if you are considering fiberglass window replacement for your Emporia, KS, home! They offer many benefits to ensure your home looks excellent, and we are more than happy to handle your fiberglass window installation.

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