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Does Seamless Steel Siding Increase The Value Of A Home?

Could Seamless Steel Siding Increase The Value Of Your Junction City, KS Home?Ways You Could Benefit From Seamless Steel

Does Seamless Steel Siding Increase The Value Of A Home?

Could Seamless Steel Siding Increase The
Value Of Your Junction City, KS Home?

Ways You Could Benefit From Seamless Steel Siding

Does your Junction City, KS, home require an exterior upgrade? While there are many ways to upgrade the look and feel of your home, few have as big of an impact as seamless steel siding.

While any addition to the exterior of your home (ex. planted flowers or shrubs) can help boost the appearance of the house, larger projects like roof replacements or siding are major elements that can significantly increase curb appeal and reinforce the value of a home.

Seamless steel siding is a great option for those looking to do just that. It’s long-lasting and can withstand some of the harshest weather conditions around. It’s also available in a variety of colors and finishes, so you’re sure to find something that fits with your aesthetic.

But new siding isn’t a small endeavor, and you need to be sure that it’s worth the investment before making a commitment. That’s why we’ve put together a list of the biggest benefits of installing seamless steel siding on your Junction City, KS, home.

New Siding Installed Increases Home Value

The short answer to whether seamless steel siding will increase the value of your Junction City, KS, home is yes. Just about any type of remodel that improves a home’s curb appeal while also making a house “move-in ready” will help increase its value.

But how much does new siding increase the value of a house, and is it worth it in the long run?

Is Seamless Steel Siding Worth The Cost?

On average, seamless steel siding will cost $4 to $8 per square foot. Remember, each house is unique; thus, the reason for such a sizeable average cost. While the price is more than other siding options, you have to take into consideration the life of the siding.

With proper maintenance and care, seamless steel siding can last over fifty years. Luckily, due to the low maintenance of the product, there is very little homeowners have to do to “take care” of their siding.

Your Return On Investment

To determine if seamless steel siding is worth the cost, consider the return on investment when selling your Junction City, KS, house. While every situation is unique regarding the real estate market – on average, seamless steel siding has a good ROI (return on investment).

The average ROI is anywhere from 86% to 95%, depending on location. It is a decently good ROI when compared to the ROI from other siding options like:

  • Insulated vinyl siding offers a 67% ROI
  • An ROI of 70% for stucco
  • Wood provides a 71% ROI
  • 70% ROI for vinyl siding
  • Fiber cement offers an ROI of 86%

The higher the return on the investment, the better the sale will be for your wallet!

Selling Points WIth Seamless Steel Siding

The numbers don’t lie regarding seamless steel siding for your Geary County home – it will give you a better ROI than any other type. However, does installing it on your house allow you to ask for a higher selling price?

Yes, it can. The benefits of seamless steel siding can be leveraged by real estate agents to request a higher price on a home. The selling points include:

  • Virtually maintenance-free siding
  • Known to hold up through winter and wind storms
  • Seamless steel siding will not rot
  • Insects will not be interested in the siding
  • Fire-resistant
  • It lasts for 50 or more years

This makes steel siding one of the smartest upgrades any homeowner can make – whether they intend to sell or not.

The Benefits To You To Opt For Seamless Steel Siding

Even if you are not considering selling your home soon, you will find that seamless steel siding is still a superb residential option. By installing seamless steel siding, you will enjoy the following:

  • A seamless look to the exterior of your home not found with other siding options
  • All the long-term benefits, like being fire-resistant, rot-free, maintenance-free, and impervious to insects
  • Upgrade to the exterior that causes you to smile when you pull into your driveway

We think you can’t go wrong with an upgrade to seamless steel siding!

Things could always change even if you do not plan on selling your home soon. Due to the life of seamless steel siding and its numerous other benefits, chances are you will recoup your investment when you sell.

Plus, it can be a huge selling point for listing the home higher on the market when you decide to sell.

Free Estimates For Your Junction City, KS, Seamless Steel Siding

If you are ready to change the exterior of your Junction City, KS, home, then we are here to help you. We offer seamless steel siding for houses in numerous colors and styles for you to get the look you desire.

You can rest assured that we are the qualified professionals to handle your installation easily. Contact us today or call us at 855-735-8255 to get your free estimate!

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