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Does Steel Siding Easily Dent?

Would Seamless Steel Siding Installed On Your Marysville, KS Home Dent Easily?Learn About The Durable Traits Of Seamless

Does Steel Siding Easily Dent?

Would Seamless Steel Siding Installed On Your
Marysville, KS Home Dent Easily?

Learn About The Durable Traits Of
Seamless Steel Siding

Homeowners like you might have concerns while exploring various types of siding, like vinyl and stainless steel, amongst other options, regarding their durability and dent resistance. We at Midland Exteriors recommend installing seamless steel siding on your Marysville, KS home because of its dent resistance – amongst other outstanding qualities that set it apart.

Let’s explore a few reasons why seamless steel siding doesn’t dent.

1. Seamless Steel Siding Is Thick

We measure steel siding by the gauge. A bigger gauge indicates more thickness, which does make a big difference in preventing dents. The standard gauge we use with our preferred TruCedar siding is 28 gauge, a bit thicker than typical steel siding. We use more durable steel for your Marshall County home to avoid dents and protect your investment.

While there is a perception that seamless steel siding does dent easily, it’s most often because the gauge installed was too thin. We’ll ensure we put the right stuff on your house!

2. Steel Is Durable Beyond The Weather

Most often, we hear that homeowners are thinking primarily about hail stones and wind-blown debris poking dents in a home’s siding. That’s also the scale that some siding options use.

Steel is more durable than that. In fact, you’ll also have to factor in much larger objects like flying footballs and baseballs. While we don’t recommend throwing a baseball at the side of your steel siding to test it out, it is far less likely to dent than vinyl siding. To be fair, we are more worried you might miss and break a window instead.

We also know some people confuse seamless steel siding with aluminum or vinyl siding. Aluminum and vinyl siding are not dent-proof. Stainless steel siding offers the right kind of protection!

3. Your Steel Siding Is Zinc-Dipped

The siding we will install on your home has been dipped in molten zinc. Why do we feel the need to dip metal siding in melted metal? Zinc provides an even more durable exterior coating that makes your siding more resistant to corrosion, moisture, oxygen, and anything else that could weaken those rigid pieces.

4. Your Siding Will Be Truly Seamless

Seamless steel siding offers an additional advantage to make it dent-free. The siding pieces we install are large, individual pieces custom-made to fit your home. Without seams, your steel siding has no exposed edges that are more vulnerable to dents.

Have you ever seen a home with seamed vinyl siding? There are lots of chances for hail or a baseball to hit just the right spot!

5. Detailed Siding Installation Methods

Good installation methods also help prevent the issue of dents in steel siding. We leave no stone unturned when creating tight seals within your siding’s flashing and channels in areas like your roofline and gutters. Properly installed siding ensures that your siding is capable of protecting your home, and your home protects your siding.

Having an expert install your steel siding makes a difference!

6. Steel Siding Doesn’t Warp Or Shrink

Steel siding offers a major benefit over vinyl and wood siding: it doesn’t warp or shrink in harsh weather conditions. Continued expansion and reduction make those kinds of siding more vulnerable to denting or breaking with the right impact.

The rigid nature of steel siding ensures that weather doesn’t impact dent resistance. Steel siding is even helpful in ensuring that your home’s insulation stays in place. It’s not going to move or shift!

Call Midland Exteriors For Seamless Steel Siding
Installation On Your Marysville, KS Home

We’ll get your Marshall County home measured for steel siding and discuss what color options work best for you! Reach out to us for a free estimate and an in-person consultation, and we’ll come see you.

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