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Energy Saving Tips for Your Home

Many homeowners are taking measures to greenify their homes. Implementing energy-efficient measures in your home can often

Energy Saving Tips for Your Home

Many homeowners are taking measures to greenify their homes. Implementing energy-efficient measures in your home can often require more effort, but the cost-saving and green opportunities are worth it.

Homeowners choose to upgrade to energy-efficient options for their homes to make them more eco-friendly, as well as wallet-friendly. Often, homeowners are unhappy with the look of energy-efficient products. Some new technology and appliances can look too modern for their liking. The good news is there are still many options to improve the aesthetic of your home while improving its efficiency. There are many ways to improve the efficiency of your home! Below are our first recommendations to get started.

1. Replacing Your Windows for Energy Efficiency

When you have inefficient windows, they can cause high energy bills. Often, windows that are inefficient can even be warped or worn. Older, outdated windows allow air to enter or escape through cracks or improperly installed sealing glass. Because of that, your home’s heating and cooling system has to work harder to maintain the ideal current temperature.

Replacing your windows to a more energy-efficient option can blend with your style and improve the energy efficiency of your home. If you choose to upgrade your replacement windows, a few added benefits include improved comfort and lower costs. Your house will maintain a much better internal temperature by reducing the air drafts in your home. Moreso, high energy bills are often the result of inefficient windows. When you upgrade your windows to Infinity by Marvin Windows, for example, you save money!

The material of the glass matters, too. Differing window materials can provide differing levels of temperature resistance. Wood window frames can provide excellent insulation and Fiberglass frames come in close comparison. Aluminum is a very appealing option to many because of how inexpensive it is, but over time, has poorer insulation.

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Our Infinity by Marvin Windows are submitted for independent testing and verification to achieve energy certification by the NFRC and Energy Star. They are leaders in Energy Star qualified replacement windows! Obtaining an Energy Star certification indicates that the windows are energy-efficient, and help homeowners save on energy costs. Glass choice can greatly impact your home’s energy efficiency, and a consultant at Midland Exteriors can provide you with the best recommendations.

2. Choosing an Energy Efficient Window Treatment

Energy-efficient windows are a great way to save energy. Another way you’re able to save energy is by utilizing different window treatments! Whether that be curtains, blinds, or shades, each can have an effect on making your home more energy-efficient.

Depending on how the lighting comes into the home, interior blinds, drapes, or shades can all reduce the amount of heat or cold that the house absorbs. Interior blinds help to reduce the summer heat but aren’t as effective during the winter. Drapes can help reflect light to help cool the home in the summer and are more powerful to reduce heat loss from a warm room during the winter. Shades also have the benefit of increasing the insulation in your home.

3. Upgrading Your Shower Heads for Sustainability

Working around the internal aspects of your home, faucets are the next energy-efficient improvement you can make. Bathing and showering can drastically increase the bill you receive each month. By installing low-flow showerheads, it will reduce the amount of water you use, which in turn, reduces the cost to heat it.

The good thing with shower faucets is that there are many different styles, features, and finishes on the market. Simply upgrading to a better option can really reduce your water bill and be more eco-friendly.

4. Choosing New Light Bulbs and Fixtures for Low Waste Options

How many light fixtures can you rattle off that you have in your home? We’re guessing it’s quite a few. While light fixtures are necessary for a home, the bulbs you choose can add up to big energy savings or big energy bills. Energy-efficient lights such as LED use less energy than regular incandescent bulbs and they last a bit longer too. This means that is less time for you to spend changing them and more time doing the things you enjoy!

When your budget allows, upgrading your light fixture can provide even more cost-saving benefits. Just like with shower faucets, there are a range of lights and fixtures to fit your personal style.

5. Improving Your Landscaping to Go Green

As you upgrade and replace internal fixtures within your home, don’t forget about the outside! Landscaping can play an important part in increasing the energy efficiency of your home. Think about how you can provide more shade in certain areas and where you can block wind to better protect your home.

Landscaping for your home depends on the location and climate of where you are located. Trees can help shade your home in the summer, while also allowing the sun to reach it during the winter. Choosing plants and shrubs that require little water to survive also helps to keep your water bills down in the summer.

Not only can landscaping have an effect on reducing your carbon footprint, but you’re simultaneously enhancing the curb appeal!

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Where do I start with home energy efficiency?

Improving your home’s energy efficiency can seem like an intimidating task to start, but our recommendation is to take it one room and one piece at a time. Remember, improving your home’s energy efficiency will allow you to lower your bills and receive a greater return on investment in the long run.

As with any home project or renovation, proper installation is important. Things like showerheads and light bulbs can be easily updated by the homeowner, but for bigger tasks such as replacing windows, make sure you choose the right professional window installers to ensure you are getting the most high-quality long-term investment.

From the aesthetics of your home to the internal features, we want to ensure you have the best energy-efficient options at the tip of your fingers. The installers at Midland Exteriors take great pride in their work. Give them a call today to know your options for the best energy-efficient upgrades for your home.

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