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High Quality Patio Door Replacement: Tips for Choosing the Best Fit

Patio doors open up the home to the fresh air and beautiful scenery, no matter where you live. You want a door that is

High Quality Patio Door Replacement: Tips for Choosing the Best Fit

Patio doors open up the home to the fresh air and beautiful scenery, no matter where you live. You want a door that is welcoming to the home, inviting, and one that is a perfect snapshot of the house you have made into a home.

When it is time to replace your patio door, you don’t want to skimp on any part of the design to save money in the long run. These types of home replacements are worth the investment to create a beautiful entryway to the backyard, side of the home, or even balcony. When considering a new patio door, keep in mind these options to match the style of the patio door to the style of your home.

Know Your Wall Space

As you are getting ready for your new patio door installation, it’s important first to measure how much space you will need on both the interior and exterior sides. As you replace old patio doors, you are given the opportunity to change the size of your entryway if you would like.

Some homeowners opt for patio doors to extend the length of the wall, creating the perception of a larger living space. This allows for more light to be shining into your beautiful home, and the opportunity to be connected to nature more looking at the outside. This can also make a small room feel larger and less enclosed!

Before calling a patio door replacement company, it is best to take an accurate measurement of what you are planning for to better know your options. A few good questions to ask yourself when mapping out a walkway are:

  • How much space will I have?
  • Does this scrunch your living area?
  • Will I need to rearrange furniture or purchase new furniture to accommodate these changes?
  • Will I get good use out of this door?

Opening Mechanism – Slide, Swing, or Fold

When selecting a new patio door, one of the first things you should consider is the style of the door that is right for the functionality of your home.

  • Sliding doors save space if you’re working in a limited area. They provide plenty of light with a large amount of glass. These are fairly low maintenance and work well for long periods of time. Be sure to keep the sliding track clean of mud and gravel so they don’t get stuck under the door.
  • Swinging doors have a variety of styles, depending if the space you’re working in allows it. They can provide an extra wide entry into the home and offer many customization options to match your home’s uniqueness. You also get the option of choosing which way the door swings – inward to your home or outward to the patio.
  • Folding doors are another option that are less common, but often seen in more “stylish” homes. They work similar to an accordion door and can be as wide as you choose.

Infinity fiberglass

Choose your material – Fiberglass, Wood, or Vinyl

There are three main options to consider when choosing the material your patio doors are made of: fiberglass, wood, or vinyl. Aluminum is another choice, but not one we would recommend. It is very cost effective but not a good insulator, which could lead to bigger issues during the colder months in Kansas.

  • Fiberglass is our top choice! It is very energy efficient and long lasting in all weather conditions, as it doesn’t expand and contract with temperature changes. The level of customization is high and the durability is exceptional.
  • Wood patio doors are very customizable, with the benefit of being painted or stained any color. The price of a wood door may be higher and require more upkeep than other options, such as needing to be sanded and repainted on a regular basis due to being vulnerable to moisture.
  • Vinyl is a solid option, as this is what most standard doors are made of. These have many customization options as well. You may experience some shrinkage and swell over the years due to temperature changes. This is an affordable option for many, despite the likely need for replacement sooner after installation. If you plan to be in your home a long time and don’t want to deal with the hassle of another installation in less than ten years, then vinyl is not a good option for you.

As a homeowner, it is important to choose a material that performs well for where you are located and your price point.

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Research style options

Style and customization – often the most favorite part of a homeowners renovation project! Your choice of materials and functionality inform the style of the patio door of your choosing. There are still many options to customize your family’s personal style.

  • Patio door handles provide a variety of shapes and finishes to fit your personal taste. Whether you are looking for a contemporary feel with minimal accents or a transitional look with bronze hardware, there are options for all.
  • Stained or painted frames allow you to match the color to the rest of your home – inside, outside, or both.
  • Glass coatings added to the window glass can add efficiency and additional protection from the sun.
  • Screen doors are a nice addition to let in fresh air and have the ability to monitor your kids out back.
  • If needed, locking mechanisms can be customized for keyed, keyless entry, four point, or deadbolt. Each offers their own spectrum for security.

Working with an experienced installer is important, so they can provide you with each of the specific wants and needs you are looking for.

Decorating options – Shades, Curtains, or Blinds

Shades, curtains, or blinds can be added to further enhance your personal style! Think about how shades, curtains, or blinds will look with your preferred patio door style.

  • Patio door shades are large, flat, vertical panels of fabric that provide light coverage over the patio door panels.
  • Curtains are the choice of many, offering a soft feel and many options to match your interior design. They can be made of different materials and transparency to further customize them to your home.
  • Blinds are long, thin fabric panels that can be easily adjusted to let in natural light. These can be a very cost effective way to adjust the lighting let into your home.

What’s the best option for you?

Patio doors are an investment and should last a long time. That’s why we want the best fit for you, your needs, and your budget. We want you to find the perfect patio doors for your home and can help guide you in your selection! We always offer a free estimate to get the process started and see what your options are. This includes getting accurate measurements for your existing door and how much space you have to work with if you are interested in expanding the entryway..

If you are investing in a new patio door, it is important to install it correctly. To ensure your patio door is a positive investment in your home, let an experienced professional install it. It is not a weekend DIY job to learn from YouTube creators. Installing a door incorrectly can result in water dumping into your home, even if things look fine. Don’t make a mistake that can wind up costing you thousands more due to water damage or a faulty door.

The installers at Midland Exteriors take great pride in our work. If someone from Midland Exteriors is working on your home, you know you can trust the person to be respectful and of high integrity in regards to all the work they are completing in your home. We hold ourselves to a high standard in the work that we do and the services we provide to your family.

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