As summer is nearing and the weather is getting warmer, it is a great time to enhance your home’s curb appeal - brightening the yard, planting flowers, pulling weeds, and even cleaning your gutters. While it can be a muddy and messy job, it’s important to have clean gutters, and maintain them throughout the year. 

The Importance of Clean Gutters

Inspecting and cleaning your gutters regularly can help them to function properly and keep your home protected. After all, gutters have an important job. They have to be able to catch water flowing off your roof, hold water, and direct the flow of water. This is especially important in Kansas, as we receive a variety of different weather patterns. If moisture isn’t directed in the proper way away from your home, it can create problems within your home, lead to rotting of the wood, and more lawn care work in the end.

While it is often seen as a small part of your home, its role is important to maintain the overall outside structure of your home!

Tell-Tale Signs Your Gutters Need Repaired or Replaced

Leakage - Over time, the joints connecting each individual section of your gutter may separate and need to be replaced. You’ll want to closely inspect each joint you see leakage at to determine if your home is ready for a replacement. 1

Sagging - Sagging is caused by excess water weight being held in the gutter by a weak attachment or a blockage. Blockages such as leaves, dirt, asphalt, or seeds can block the gutter from allowing water to flow freely, causing the gutter to sag where debris is backed up. 

Broken seams - If you have broken seams, water will be leaking straight down from the area that is broken. Often, this is very easy to spot. If there is a broken seam, it will need to be repaired. Broken seams are often the result of blockages, and normal wear and tear of the gutter. 

Clogged gutters - Leaves, bird nests, dirt, or seeds can fall and get caught in your gutter. When there is blockage of any kind, this can put unnecessary weight on the gutter and cause sagging or even break it completely. Cleaning your gutters regularly can help prevent this problem. 

If you’re experiencing clogged gutters in particular, it may be a good time to clean them! The best practice is to clean your gutters twice a year. This will allow you to catch any red flags before they become a major problem or need to be replaced. As you clean your gutters, look for any signs of deterioration, cracks, or leaks. Below are our best tips for gutter care and repair:

  1. Safety first - Evaluating the safety of your project should be a first priority. To repair or clean your gutters, you will need a ladder. It is extremely important to be safe while you’re on a ladder. Ensure you have all four legs of the ladder on a level surface, and have someone hold the ladder to add some stability. Be patient with your repairs and don’t try to rush it, as that can cause a greater opportunity for falls. 
  2. Don’t forget the right tools - The best tool to clean your gutters with is a scoop. A small plastic scoop will do the trick! It’s the right shape for gutters and thin enough to get the gunk under, over, and in them. 
  3. Bring your gloves - Protect your hands from the rough gutter edges by wearing proper gloves. This will protect your hands from cuts, rough edges, and sharp objects. Wearing a long-sleeved shirt will help, too. 
  4. Examine rivets - The pieces that resemble nails, also called rivets, should be inspected routinely, as they can occasionally become dislodged. These can be an easy replacement, and help the gutters to distribute the water evenly out the spout. If you’re not sure what you’re doing, it’s always a good idea to invest in a professional for this type of work. 
  5. Repair sagging gutters -  If the nails holding the gutter to the wood of your home are sagging, it may be a good time to replace them. All you need to purchase are gutter spikes and fasteners. Once you make the repair, this will allow water to flow more smoothly out the drain.
  6. Pressure wash - If you have a pressure washer, this would be a superb time to get the gunk from the bottom of your gutters.  

So you cleaned your gutters but are still seeing leaks, cracks, finding missing pieces, or finding that it is dripping when it rains?  It may be time to replace them, and invest in some gutter protection.

Our Recommendation

The best maintenance free option includes gutter guards and seamless gutters, as these can greatly decrease the need for gutter replacement and routine maintenance. You’re able to take care of your gutters with much less effort!


Gutter guards allow you to save time by not cleaning your gutters as frequently, as well as provide extra protection for your home. There are options out there, but we recommend GutterGekko Guards from Quality Edge. This type of gutter guard is a mesh style, made of surgical grade stainless steel. Because of the quality of the material, there is less maintenance to clean your gutters routinely - this guard is meant to help your gutters handle the normal wear and tear homes experience from the weather and climate. Not only that, GutterGekko provides all the durability at an affordable price. 

Seamless gutters, paired with gutter guards, are your best option to ensure the longevity of the products at hand. With these two products, you’ll need to clean your gutters much less frequently and give you a peace of mind that they will last against the harsh weather conditions in Kansas. 

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