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How Long Will My Steel Siding Last in Marysville, KS?

How Will My Seamless Steel Siding Hold Up In Marysville, KS? Seamless Steel Siding Is A Durable And Attractive Siding

How Long Will My Steel Siding Last in Marysville, KS?

How Will My Seamless Steel Siding
Hold Up In Marysville, KS?

Seamless Steel Siding Is A Durable
And Attractive Siding Option.

When homeowners are looking for seamless steel siding in Marysville, KS, they have to take a lot of considerations into account. How well will the siding endure extreme weather? What kind of maintenance is necessary to keep the siding looking its best? And how much is it going to cost?

Seamless steel siding is a great choice for residents of Marshall County because it is durable, almost entirely maintenance-free, attractive, and completely immune to termite, water, or mold damage.

In fact, seamless steel siding can hold up for decades and still look its best. What’s the trick?

What Should I Look For When Selecting My
Seamless Steel Siding And Installer?

Well first, you need the right quality of seamless steel siding. And next, you need the right installers you can trust to do precision work with quality materials.

Midland Exteriors is your trusted installer for high-quality and enduring seamless steel siding. We stand by our work because we use the TruCedar system, which replicates the appearance of wood shakes and planks while possessing the durability of steel.

The best seamless steel siding doesn’t rust, flake, or peel because of its high-caliber manufacturing process. Each piece is dipped in zinc to provide a tough exterior that resists all mold, water, and rust.

Bitter cold or blistering sun can’t damage or warp seamless siding either. The lack of seams means the siding has a uniform exterior and fewer points of entry for water – and it only moves 1/16th of an inch during temperature swings of 100 degrees.

Additionally, the siding comes in many bold colors, letting you choose the exterior that best fits your home’s personality and style.

And did we mention it will never need repainting?

With the right steel siding, your home’s exterior will look good for decades – even up to 60 years. What other siding offers that kind of longevity and timeless endurance?

How Can I Maintain My Seamless Steel Siding?

One of the many perks of seamless steel siding is that you barely have to maintain it. Thanks to its interlocking design and durable exterior, your maintenance is simply rinsing it off annually if you have any dirt you’d like to remove.

While it mimics the look of wood, you won’t have any of the maintenance like shingle replacement, fixing or replacing warped boards, repainting every few years, or treating for pests.

Marysville, KS residents also know that our weather can be extreme with hot, humid summers and cold winters. Since seamless steel doesn’t need a lot of maintenance, you don’t have to worry about leaks or weather damage. Instead you get to enjoy a beautiful home exterior year round.

Midland Exteriors is committed to offering Marshall County the best siding available. Our seamless steel siding is 26 gauge, which is the industry standard for high-caliber residential siding. Some contractors may try to cheap out with a lower-quality steel, but here at Midland Exteriors, we believe that every homeowner should have access to the best siding for their home.

What Does Installation For Seamless Steel Siding Involve?

Installing seamless steel siding needs to be done by professionals who understand how to work with steel and not cut corners. Seamless steel siding needs to be cut on-site to the custom measurements of your house to look its best.

Simply nailing in prefabricated steel siding won’t protect your home. Midland Exteriors tailors everything on-site with machine precision to ensure your siding, trim, and any other pieces are the perfect size.

What’s the difference? Well, since ants can get in through small gaps and a mouse only needs a hole the size of a dime to enter your home, not to mention what water and mold can do, a precise fit is necessary to realizing all the benefits of seamless steel siding.

We use the right kinds of nails for the job, not the cheap box nails that won’t hold down your siding in a windstorm. We also use superior foam installation rather than cheap foam that breaks down over time.

Seamless steel siding reflects heat naturally, but your home still needs to be insulated. Our GreenGuard insulation lets just the right amount of moisture out while protecting your home.

We also mechanically fasten all top siding sections for additional security. And don’t think we forget about the little details. Our individual touch means we carefully inspect every nail, every seam and every piece of trim so you can have confidence in the final result – a sturdy, durable exterior that will last you decades with almost no maintenance required.

If you live in Marysville, KS and are looking for seamless steel siding that will last for decades, contact Midland Exteriors for a free quote.

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