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How to Know if My Patio Door Needs Replaced | Kansas Patio Doors

Does my patio door need replaced? How do I know? Whether you’re making a decision to replace it for cosmetic reasons or

How to Know if My Patio Door Needs Replaced | Kansas Patio Doors

Does my patio door need replaced? How do I know? Whether you’re making a decision to replace it for cosmetic reasons or evaluating if it needs replaced for functionality, choosing a new patio door can feel like a big process. It’s not just about making an update- you want this investment to be a worthwhile addition to your home and to blend seamlessly. Let’s walk through the steps to be sure you choose wisely.

First, does your patio door even need replaced?
If you aren’t sure, there are a couple indications you can check for:

  • Is your patio door difficult to open? If your door doesn’t open and close easily or has trouble locking, it could be resolved with a good cleaning and re-installation. But it most likely means that the door has damage or is no longer performing as it should.
  • Does your patio door make noises when you open it? If you hear grinding or squeaking when your door opens or closes, again, a good cleaning may help, but it could be a problem with the door mechanics.
  • Do you feel drafts near your door? If you can physically feel a draft of cold air when standing at your door, air leaks are likely and can cause your energy bill to increase. A door replacement or repair at the very least are necessary.
  • Can you see gaps or sunlight around the edges and frame? These can be caused by poor installation, warping, or physical damage. Gaps like these are not likely able to be fixed with some caulk and can even pose a risk to your home from intruders or vermin that can get in your home through the gaps.
  • Does condensation collect on the door? Condensation on the exterior of the door is normal and caused by humidity in the air. But condensation in between the panes, which can appear as fogginess or “dirty” glass that won’t come clean, means the seal is no longer intact. Replacement is the only solution for this issue.
  • Has your patio door ever leaked? Water damage in your home is a serious matter. If water drips, pools or leaks from your door at any time, or you notice water stains around the door on the floor or wall, your door is not sealing correctly. Long term, this can cause mold, mildew, and even structural damage in your home. This is something you will want to address immediately.
  • Is your door damaged? Small issues can be fixed, such as chipped paint. But greater damage, it’s hail, damage from impact, or some other accident, then you are going to need a replacement door. This type of damage cannot be repaired.
  • Is it time for an update? If your door doesn’t match the style of your home after some remodels, or just isn’t the style you would like, then you have some options to change the aesthetic. If it’s an optional upgrade, then knowing what you have to budget for your new door is the next step.

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So, how much is this going to cost?

Most patio doors range in price from $1,200 to $6,500, depending on styles. As with most purchases, you typically get what you pay for. The doors on the lower end of the price range will be suitable short term. The higher end doors will be a great investment for your home and last for years to come without signs of wear. We recommend evaluating your budget before evaluating your options so you know what is affordable and the best fit for your home.
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Now that you know if your door needs replaced, and what your budget is, you have some decisions to make.

  • Style– many homes have sliding patio doors because they are a popular and cost effective option. But they aren’t the only option. French, sliding, bifold, and more make big style statements or may be a better fit for your home due to several factors.
  • Materials- Interior and exterior materials can play a big role in the efficiency of your door. Whether it’s wood, fiberglass, or extruded aluminum. You have a lot of options for your glass types as well – decorative, privacy, noise reducing, energy efficient.
  • Design- You can choose from a variety of patterns, grids, or wide open spaces for your window glass in your door.
  • Hardware and Trim- Options available have increased significantly over the years. What used to be a one size fits all solution is now an expansive library of trim shades and hardware colors, and hardware styles. Screen options (retractable and interior shades) are available too so you can get the best of both worlds in functionality without blocking your view. Security sensors are an additional option that can improve the security of your door.

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Lastly, how can you make your patio door a seamless match for your home?

Your patio door can transform a room into a larger living space. A few tips to making your door fit seamlessly into your home:

  • Choose a larger glass area. The more natural light that comes into the room through the patio door, the less it will seem like a door, and the more it will seem like a connection to your yard, drawing the outside in.
  • Place your furniture in a way that connects the interior room with your patio. Angle seating towards the door, making it the focal point to connect the two spaces.
  • Match the trim finishes and hardware to what already exists in your home. This will help the door seem more part of your home.

From deciding if you need to replace your patio door, to evaluating your options and budget, and finally making the most of it in your home, we would love to help guide you through the process. Marvin windows and doors are our top choice and have a huge selection of choices for hardware, materials, and styles.

Want to know more about different door styles and the installation process? Check out our blog on patio door selection.

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