Often, we encounter customers who have known their windows are damaged for a long time, but it just hasn’t been a priority to replace them, that is until more obvious signs of damage appear such as water leaking during a rainstorm, or the window being non-functional.

As a homeowner, there is always something that needs attention, and as long as your windows aren’t causing major problems, you may be tempted to filter them to the bottom of the list.

However, those same customers are always amazed at the difference it makes when they finally do get their windows replaced. They no longer feel drafts in their home, the temperature is easier to maintain - meaning their energy costs decrease, sometimes by as much as 25% - and the value of their home increases. Plus, they just look so much nicer!

Damage Signs to Look For

  • Your windows look dirty or like there is moisture inside them in the form of “fog” or condensation that you just can’t seem to get clean
  • Mold, mildew, and humidity problems are cropping up in your home
  • Outdoor noises seem unusually loud
  • You feel a draft or temperatures seem to fluctuate largely based on exterior temperatures
  • You can see light through cracks around the frame of the window
  • Windows seem difficult to operate or “sticky” when trying to open and close
  • Your live in an older home and the windows are also aged or your home has the original windows installed when it was built in a new development- this can be an indicator that your windows are “builder grade,” which is a very low quality window used often when new home developments are built to conserve costs by builders

window damage sign 01window damage sign 02

Why Replace Your Damaged Windows

If you are seeing signs of damage in your windows, we recommend giving it attention sooner, rather than later. The damage you can visibly see may only be a small picture of the damage that is happening to your home below the surface. Increased humidity levels in your home caused by damaged windows can also lead to wood rot as well as mold and mildew that can cause health issues for you and your family.  This long term damage in your home or to your health can be much more difficult and costly to fix the longer it is left unattended.

How and Why Do Windows Become Damaged?

There are a variety of reasons your windows could be damaged. The windows, weatherstripping, or caulking may not have been installed properly to begin with, causing leaks and more access for moisture and the elements to enter around the window. Your window may have become damaged due to the materials used. Wooden frames are at high risk for rotting or termite damage.

One common reason windows become damaged is a high “R -value.” R-values are used by window manufacturers to rate windows on how energy efficient they are based on resistance to heat flow. When looking at replacement windows, you want to look for windows with a high R-value rating. Factors that affect the R-value of a window include the type of glazing material (glass, plastic, treated glass,etc.), the number of layers of glass, the air space between layers, the frame and spacer materials used, and the tightness of installation. The R-value also impacts the window’s ability to handle temperature swings. Many materials shrink and swell excessively based on temperatures, which can cause warping, cracks, and damage to the materials. Living in Kansas this is a very important factor to consider.

windows thermal expansion

Why We Trust Marvin Infinity Windows

While vinyl windows generally cost 15-22% less than higher quality materials, they are also prone to many problems such as cracking, expanding, warping, fading, peeling, and chalking.

Infinity windows by Marvin are made of fiberglass, which is a much stronger material that will not change shape due to temperature or moisture changes. Fiberglass is also paintable and therefore customizable- vinyl is neither. Infinity windows use Ultrex, which is a patented fiberglass that outperforms and outlast vinyl, roll-form aluminum, and even other fiberglass composites.

Marvin windows

When it comes to value, these windows are the top choice, providing long lasting quality. We carry and install the full line of Infinity windows from Marvin.

If you think your windows might be damaged, get a free, no obligation estimate today.