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How To Prepare Your Home For a Siding Replacement

How To Prepare Your Home For A Siding Replacement In Manhattan, KS Everything You Need To Know To Make Your Siding

How To Prepare Your Home For a Siding Replacement

How To Prepare Your Home For A Siding
Replacement In Manhattan, KS

Everything You Need To Know To Make
Your Siding Project A Success

Are you planning to replace the siding on your home in Manhattan, KS? It’s a great way to boost your property’s curb appeal and add a layer of protection.

After you’ve completed your search and found the ideal siding contractor, you’ll have several things to do around the house to prepare for your project.

Having your home ready will ensure a smooth installation, but where should you start? Here are the top ways you can prepare your Manhattan, KS, home for your upcoming project.

Trim Your Foliage

When you get a siding replacement, your contractors will need access to the entire outside of your home. This means that anything around your house can be in the way, including your shrubbery and trees. You will need to trim or tie back all of the plants adjacent to the work area, so there is no interference for the contractors.

Additionally, you will need to cut the grass. Siding replacement contractors use magnetic nail finders to pick up any nails or staples they drop in the yard, and having trimmed grass will make the process much easier for them.

Prepare Your Yard, Patio, Deck, Or Porch

In addition to your foliage, your yard may have other obstacles that need removal before work can begin. You will need to relocate any benches, chairs, tables, swings, or anything similar that may be near the side of your home.

If you have a patio, porch, or deck, you must remove any items from that area. The goal is to ensure the siding contractor has complete access to the entire perimeter of your home without having to move anything.

Prepare Your Home’s Interior

That’s right, you need to prepare your interior before work can begin. This may sound a bit strange as the exterior of your home is being remodeled – however, you will also need to do some preparatory work inside your house.

Installers will be hammering, banging and working on the outside of your walls. Therefore, anything hanging inside has the potential to be knocked from its place.

Removing pictures, trinkets, and anything else that is breakable from your walls is best to prevent any damage to your belongings.

The shaking and vibrations could also cause items to fall off tables and shelves. Homeowners should temporarily remove anything breakable from these surfaces.

Have A Plan For Your Pets And Children

If you have pets and children, you must have a plan for them during the project. They cannot enter the project area for safety reasons. Additionally, the noises may be disruptive, causing stress or anxiety for your pets and preventing naps for your children. Finding somewhere else for them to stay throughout the remodeling project may be beneficial.

You will also need to consider what impact the noise will have on you if you work remotely. You may need to consider working in another location if it becomes too much for you to handle, especially if you have a lot of conference calls.

Find An Alternative Parking Spot For Your Car

To keep your car safe from damage, we suggest parking it far away from the installation site of your new seamless siding. Additionally, this will allow your siding contractor better access to the construction site. They can place their materials closer and, if necessary, bring in a dumpster to remove old materials easily.

Establish A Rapport As Soon As Possible

One of the most critical pieces of a successful remodeling project is having a strong rapport with the contractor. You need to be able to discuss any concerns you have and receive essential updates as they become available. With an excellent working relationship with your contractor, the project will go smoothly from start to finish.

When It’s Time To Upgrade Your Manhattan, KS, Home’s Siding, Get The Best Quality For Your Investment

If you’re ready to install new siding on your Manhattan, KS, home, choose the best quality option for the area’s climate – seamless steel siding. Here at Midland Exteriors, not only do we offer the best material, but we install it right.

We focus on professional, quality-controlled service with impeccable installations every time we complete a project. We never make any compromises when it comes to your investment. When you choose Midland Exteriors, you choose top quality.

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