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Ideas For Front Doors Using Sidelights and Transoms

Sidelights And Transoms: Adding CharacterAnd Style To Entry Doors In Holton, KS Is Your Door Lacking Flair? Adding A

Ideas For Front Doors Using Sidelights and Transoms

Sidelights And Transoms: Adding Character
And Style To Entry Doors In Holton, KS

Is Your Door Lacking Flair? Adding A Sidelight
Or A Transom May Be The Solution!

When you want to add elegance to your entry door in Holton, KS, nothing is better than adding sidelights and a transom. With sophistication to spare, sidelights and transoms make the most unimpressive entry door into a grand entrance to your home.

Your entry door makes a statement to your visitors, whether you want it to or not. When you have a beautiful, coordinated entry door embellished by sidelights or a transom, you deliver a look of elegance, sophistication, and class.

What Are Sidelights And Transoms For Entry Doors?

Most homeowners hear the terms sidelights and transoms when referring to entry door options, but what exactly do they mean?

Sidelights, as the name suggests, refer to the narrow panes of glass that run vertically on either side of the entry door. Some entry doors have one sidelight, while others have two. It’s all up to individual taste.

A transom is a horizontal pane of glass above your door. The transom in your home may or may not be fixed, as older transoms have a handle and hinge where you can open it and let in air.

Understand All Your Glass Options When Choosing A Style

Glass comes in many styles and designs. The glass you choose will accentuate the style, color, and design of your entry door and siding. When choosing your glass, remember how much you value your privacy, as many options let in natural light while also obscuring the inside from the view of visitors or passersby.

Clear Glass

Clear glass is a basic option that lets in natural light while having the interior entryway of your home in clear view of your front porch. While beautiful, many homeowners decide against clear glass because of its lack of privacy.

Rain Glass

As its name suggests, rain glass describes textured glass that mimics water droplets or rain running down it. It’s a stunning glass option that complements many entry door styles, colors, and designs.

Granite Glass

Like rain glass, granite glass is textured and safeguards privacy while letting in natural light. But instead of depicting water trails, the granite glass resembles small pebbles.

Frosted Glass

Frosted glass is smooth like clear glass, but it obstructs views. It lets natural light in. Frosted glass is a popular option for etching when designs and patterns are carved into the glass.

Stained Glass

Incorporating colored glass into your sidelights and transom is a great way to add flair and individuality to your front door.

You can choose from many eye-catching styles or even design your own custom stained glass pattern. The best part about stained glass is that it’s versatile and can be made to match a wide range of door styles and aesthetics.

Match Your Glass With The Style Of
Your Entry Door In Holton, KS

Sidelights and transoms can complement any door style, but they must flow well together. Having sidelights or transoms that contrast with your entry door can make your whole entrance look—and feel—mismatched.

Contemporary or minimalist door styles work well with simpler glass rather than ornate, etched designs. Likewise, consider a sidelight or transom design with more embellishments if your entry door and hardware are more intricate.

Decide Whether You Want One Or
Both Sidelights Or A Transom

Not all entry doors need both sidelights. Sometimes, one sidelight is all it takes to make your desired impact. Minimalist or contemporary styles often look best with one sidelight, but the single-sidelight look can work well with any front door style.

Transoms are also something to consider. If you have a relatively basic entry door and want to make your home’s entrance look taller and more grandiose, a transom – as well as both sidelights – is a great way to add height and width.

When choosing a transom for your entry door, consider whether you want it to open to let in the fresh air.

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