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Questions to Ask Your Window Contractor before Signing A Contract

8 Questions To Ask Your Window Contractor Before Signing A Contract In Topeka, KSWhat You Need To Know Before You Say

Questions to Ask Your Window Contractor before Signing A Contract

8 Questions To Ask Your Window Contractor
Before Signing A Contract In Topeka, KS

What You Need To Know Before You Say Yes To The Project

Your windows are an essential part of your Topeka, KS, home. When you decide to replace them, you need to know the project will run smoothly from start to finish. Finding the ideal contractor to install your replacement windows is essential. There are specific steps to take, including asking preliminary questions.

These questions will let you know if this person is qualified to complete the installation of your replacement windows and other important information. The following are the eight most important questions you should ask a prospective contractor before you sign the contract agreeing to their service.

1. What Is Your Full Company Name And Business Address?

Getting this information will allow you insight into how long the company has been established and successfully running its business. While there is nothing technically wrong with a newly opened business, you’re better off in the hands of a company that’s been around for a few years and has built up its reputation.

You’re also likely to get better service and response times from a company located nearby than a national company with a corporate office miles away.

2. Are You Insured?

You’ll want to ensure you only hire a company with valid insurance. It’s necessary to protect you and your property. If one of their installers gets hurt while on the job, their insurance will cover the cost of care. Additionally, if they damage your property, you won’t be responsible for the costs of repairs.

3. Do You Provide An Itemized Estimate?

Receiving an itemized estimate will allow you to see exactly where your money will be allocated for the project. It will break down all the expenses of your window installation, including parts, labor, and cleanup if that’s something the company offers.

4. Do You Have Any References?

It’s ideal for a window replacement company to have references to speak on their behalf. These references, combined with customer reviews, will give you the most information about the quality of work you would receive should you choose this company for your project.

In addition to verifying the installation company’s reputation, you’ll want to research their window manufacturing company’s reputation. If they don’t offer high-quality windows, there’s no point in hiring them for the job.

Another consideration is to check with the Better Business Bureau. This will allow you to see if the installation company has any complaints filed against them. You’ll want to choose a company with an excellent BBB rating that demonstrates its outstanding customer service.

5. What Warranties Do You Offer?

Your replacement windows can be a costly investment, but they are essential to keeping your home safe and comfortable year round.

To protect your investment, you must get a strong warranty to back your windows from issues. The contractor should have information on the manufacturer’s warranty for the products they install. Additionally, they should have some kind of workmanship warranty they provide to guarantee their installations.

6. How Long Will My Project Take?

The contractor should be experienced enough to know roughly how long your window installation project will take, from when the windows are ordered to the final walkthrough. While unexpected events can arise to disrupt the best-laid plans, this estimate should be close enough to the actual timeline that you can plan your life around it.

7. Will You Dispose Of My Old Windows?

It’s important to know if disposal services are included in the installation package. You don’t want to have the presentation of your beautiful new windows clouded by old windows stacked all over your property. If you don’t have a way to dispose of them yourself, you’ll need to ensure the contractor you choose plans to haul them away.

8. Do You Use Subcontractors?

You want to choose a contractor that only uses factory-trained in-house installers for the best results. With subcontractors, companies have no control over the quality of work that goes into their projects. This can result in cut corners, sloppy work, and the need to have the project redone.

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