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Reasons Seamless Steel Is Perfect For Your Home

8 Reasons Why Seamless Steel Siding Is Perfect For Your Junction City, KS, HomeSee Why So Many People Are Opting For

Reasons Seamless Steel Is Perfect For Your Home

8 Reasons Why Seamless Steel Siding Is
Perfect For Your Junction City, KS, Home

See Why So Many People Are Opting For Steel Siding

When upgrading the siding on your Junction City, KS, home, there are plenty of options on the market. Gone are the days when wood was the only choice; now, homeowners have many different materials and styles from which to choose. However, one of the most popular siding options today is steel – and for good reason!

Today, there are vinyl, stucco, fiber cement, and brick siding options – and seamless steel siding. Many people in the Geary County area are looking at seamless steel siding for houses, as the benefits are excellent!

But choosing the right siding for your Junction City, KS, home isn’t always easy. To help make the decision easier, we’ve compiled this list of 8 reasons seamless steel siding may be an excellent choice for you.

1. Super Eco-Friendly

Do you want to be as eco-friendly in your home as possible? If so, seamless steel siding is the best option.

Steel is one of those items consistently recycled throughout the United States and turned into goods to use. When you opt for seamless steel siding installation, you are choosing a product that will not rot in a landfill somewhere.

Plus, each piece of seamless steel siding is cut to order – meaning little waste occurs. With other siding materials, loads of scrap are hauled away to the trash. That is not the case with steel siding – there is minimal excess and waste material.

2. Tough With A Capital “T”

If you want fashionable but tough siding, look at seamless steel siding for your Junction City, KS, home. Steel siding earns its formidable reputation because of these characteristics:

  • Handles harsh temperature changes with minimal or no expanding and shrinking
  • Impervious to termites
  • Fire-resistant and will not melt
  • Rated for use in high-wind areas

While steel siding of the past was popular, it has nothing on the durability and strength seen in today’s seamless steel siding. A big part of the lack of strength was due to the old “steel” siding being aluminum.

3. Gorgeous Curb Appeal

As steel siding has upgraded over the years, the looks of the siding now allow for a truly unique appearance. Even though the material is steel, it will have a wood grain, rustic fade, smooth appearance, and other aesthetics to appear as any other siding material – with the bonus of being more substantial.

Available in numerous colors, you can easily upgrade the siding on your Junction City, KS, home to make a unique look that shows your personality.

Along with more colors, the seamless look is often neater than other types of siding. It will allow for a sharp look that increases curb appeal.

4. Little To No Maintenance

Depending on the color and age, you may have to wash your vinyl siding every season to keep it looking and functioning well. Washing helps avoid mold and mildew buildup, along with discoloration from the environment.

Seamless steel siding is a product requiring little to no maintenance when compared to other siding materials. If there is a little dirt on the steel siding, a water hose will be all that is needed to get it to look pristine again. This is a massive plus for those who don’t want to spend their time outdoors cleaning!

5. Upgrade Older Homes

Over time, older siding begins to break down, deteriorate, and create a rough exterior from settling. Specifically, materials like vinyl will show imperfections more acutely.

However, seamless steel siding is one of the better options for maintaining an even look since it does not show minor weaves and dips. If bulging exteriors are an issue, steel siding has been shown to help eliminate the bulges – potentially strengthening the walls.

6. A++ For Energy Efficiency

When people think about steel siding, they imagine the metal siding of years ago, which was actually made of aluminum. Aluminum is notorious for collecting and storing heat – think of your soda can baking in the sun or an aluminum baseball bat in the summer. All that heat is transferred to the inside of your home, making it challenging to maintain your temperature.

However, today’s seamless steel siding differs from twenty years ago. A layer of insulation is installed beneath the steel, and the steel is dipped into UV reflective paint to ensure outstanding energy efficiency.

In addition, the combination of insulation and steel often helps reduce outdoor noise – a massive plus if you are tired of being disturbed when your neighbor mows their yard while you’re trying to watch the latest Netflix series on your day off!

7. Save Money On Home Insurance

Depending upon the company your home insurance policy is with, installing fire-resistant siding like seamless steel siding could save you money. On average, you could see up to 20% savings when you choose the right product.

Consider how much the savings would add up over the product’s lifespan when you choose seamless steel siding for your home.

8. Long Lasting

Wouldn’t it be nice if you only had to worry about your siding once every fifty years or so? We know it seems too good to be true – but it is possible!

Seamless steel siding has a lifespan of at least fifty years. However, most professionals agree that it will last longer. A life of fifty or more years means that many homeowners will only have to replace their siding once when they own the house.

Free Quotes For Seamless Steel Siding For Your Junction City, KS, Home

If you are serious about upgrading the exterior of your Junction City, KS, home, you cannot go wrong with seamless steel siding. Many people are choosing steel siding and loving the results.

For those who are ready to take the plunge into seamless steel siding, Midland Exteriors offers free quotes. Contact us or call us today at (855) 735–8255 to get started!

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