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Repair VS Replacing Your Windows

Repairing Vs. Replacing Your Windows In Topeka, KSThe Benefits Of Replacing Your Aging Or Broken WindowsAs a

Repair VS Replacing Your Windows

Repairing Vs. Replacing Your Windows
In Topeka, KS

The Benefits Of Replacing Your Aging
Or Broken Windows

As a Topeka, KS, homeowner, you want to do what’s best for your biggest investment. So, when your windows are aging or broken, you have to act fast to keep your home safe. Replacing your windows can seem like a hassle, and you may want to try to save money with a simple repair.

However, if you’ve noticed your windows are foggy, cracked, broken, or simply not doing their job, replacement is often the better choice. We’ll explore the difference between repairing and replacing your windows and how to tell which is the best option for your Topeka, KS, home.

Signs You Can Most Likely Repair Your Windows

Several signs can indicate window repair is a viable option. However, if your windows are older and single-pane models, you may want to consider replacement windows to achieve better energy efficiency regardless of the issue.

Broken Or Cracked Glass

This situation can go both ways, depending on the type of windows you have installed. With any window, replacing the glass when it becomes damaged is easier than replacing the entire window. However, if it’s a lower-quality material such as vinyl, it may be the right time to invest in a better option, such as fiberglass windows.

Non-Operational Window Parts

If something small like the crank on the window stops working, replacing the entire unit would not be cost-effective. Instead, you can attempt a DIY project to repair it yourself or call a professional who will ensure the job is done correctly.

Water Damage Or Rotting Frames

Water damage and rotting frames can be repaired; however, if you have multiple windows with these problems, investing in new fiberglass windows may be the wiser option. Fiberglass will not rot, ensuring you do not have to complete these repairs again in the future.

Rotting Drip Cap

You’ll find the drip cap on the top of your window frame, and its purpose is to prevent moisture from entering your home. When this piece is made of wood, it is prone to rotting. Repair services can replace it without the need to change out the entire window.

Hard-To-Operate Windows

In many cases, windows that are hard to operate can be repaired. It’s typically something simple, such as rusty hinges or a misaligned sash. However, when windows get to this point, it’s typically a sign that they are older, and you may be experiencing other problems. While you can have them repaired, you may want to consider your replacement options.

Signs You Need A Window Replacement

While repair is often an option, sometimes the only thing you can do is replace your faulty windows. When you choose high-quality replacement windows, your investment essentially takes care of itself – you’ll recoup your money in the months and years to come with energy savings.

Advanced Wood Rot

While we mentioned that rotting frames could be repaired, it’s essential to catch the rot at its early stages. When it becomes advanced, it’s too late for repairs, and replacement is necessary. The typical spots you’ll find rot are the frames, sashes, and dividers.

Drafty Windows

If you stand near your windows and feel the air moving, this problem could be due to several factors. If it’s a simple matter of failed caulking, you can most likely do a simple repair. You’ll need a window replacement due to failed weatherstripping, wood rot, or loosened sashes.

Broken Seals

In multi-pane windows, seal ruptures are often due to condensation from fog forming along the glass. The heat within the rooms of your home will cause the dampened seals to expand and contract, becoming slightly more compromised each time they get wet and dry. It’s nearly impossible to repair a seal, making it essential to replace the window.

Stuck Windows

Windows that are stuck shut may be the result of expansion and contraction between the sashes and frames. When this occurs, you will find it very challenging to get the window to operate correctly again. This is another situation when it’s time for a window replacement.

Which Is Better, Replacement Or Repair?

If your windows are aged and having problems, investing in new, energy-efficient windows would be an excellent investment for your Topeka, KS, home. Additionally, upgrading to a multi-pane option is an excellent idea if you have single-pane windows. Adding beautiful new fiberglass windows to your home will increase its aesthetic and value.

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