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Replacement Windows in Olathe, Kansas

Replacing your old windows is one of the best investments you can make in your home. The impact energy-efficient windows

Replacement Windows in Olathe, Kansas

Replacing your old windows is one of the best investments you can make in your home. The impact energy-efficient windows have on your electric bill, the overall look of your home’s exterior, and your home’s long-term value are nearly unable to be matched by any other renovation.

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Midland Exteriors installs fiberglass replacement windows in Olathe and the surrounding areas in a variety of

custom and standard sizes, shapes, and styles. We have seen the results of the investment in fiberglass windows of hundreds of homes every year and always recommend them because they provide the best value and performance for Kansas homes.

Signs Your Windows Should be Replaced

Difficulty Operating

You may be considering replacement windows due to the age or functionality of the windows in your home. Windows that cause a draft or are difficult to operate can be a sign that it’s time to upgrade. If you are seeing signs of damage to the frames or areas around your window, it is likely they will need to be replaced. Check out our blog about How to Tell if Your Windows are Damaged.

Too Much Maintenance

Ease of upkeep is a highly referenced reason homeowners are interested in upgrading windows. When the window is difficult to clean or is made of a material that requires regular maintenance, many turn to newer models that are easier to clean and don’t require maintenance.

You Feel a Draft or Your Electric Bills are Increasing

Another reason you may want to upgrade your windows is to reduce drafts and create a more comfortable environment in your home. Energy-efficient windows will save on your energy bills, reduce chills, and maintain humidity levels in your home.

Curb Appeal Needs Work

Your home’s exterior appearance makes a big difference – to you, and to potential buyers if you are trying to sell your home. If your home isn’t looking as good as it could, new windows will make a big difference.

Repair or Replace? Look for Signs of Damage.

There are many options for repairing windows. Before determining if you want to repair or replace your windows, it’s important to evaluate the state of your windows to see if they are worth making repairs to. If windows or frames are rotting, sagging, or have fogged panes, repairing is usually not worth the time and cost involved. For minor repairs and to fix issues outside of these larger problems, repair is always an option.

Our Replacement Window Experience in Olathe, North East Kansas, and the Flint Hills

We started Midland Exteriors Inc. nearly 17 years ago. I can still remember when we got our first truck with a logo on the side! Today, we are still a family-owned and operated company and are honored to be working on the homes of our neighbors in North East Kansas and the Flint Hills in the Olathe, Topeka, Manhattan, Emporia, and surrounding areas.

While our company has grown to multiple installation crews in the past 17 years and we have added siding, guttering, and entry door installation to our services, what has stayed the same is our commitment to our customers. It can be a really confusing and frustrating process when you need work done on your home. What contractor should you use? What material? What brand? When will it get done? These aren’t things most people automatically know the answer to or want to spend hours researching.

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We do our best to serve our customers the way we would want to be served – with expertise, quality work, and clear communication. We do this by using high-quality materials that are able to stand up to the extreme weather conditions we see in Kansas, offering financing options, and presenting all the details you need to be able to make informed decisions. Because we are a local company, we aren’t going anywhere and our customers know exactly where they can find us if something isn’t quite right or they have a warranty issue.

Learn more about our Olathe Replacement Window Options

Fiberglass windows come in just about every shape, size, and color you can imagine (awning, bay, bow, casement, double hung, picture windows, etc.). They are fully customizable to your home and provide the absolute best value for your home. If it’s time to replace your windows and you want to make an investment that lasts, fill out our short online form and we can get you an estimate – free of cost and free of obligation.

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