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Scott and Leigh Ann Bowman Home Renovation

Scott & Leigh Ann Bowman, Manhattan, Kansas testimonial

Scott and Leigh Ann Bowman Home Renovation

Scott & Leigh Ann Bowman, Manhattan, Kansas testimonial video

When Scott & Leigh Ann Bowman bought their home north of Manhattan, Kansas 9 years ago, they knew they had a fixer upper on their hands. To make this house on the hillside a home, it would take a lot of work, taking on every inch to transform it into something both beautiful and protected from the extremes of Kansas winters and summers. They had many projects both inside and out, and chose to work on their windows, doors, guttering, and siding with the help of Midland Exteriors, Inc.

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The first major exterior renovation they made was to replace the windows in 2014. At first, the Bowmans weren’t sure how many windows they wanted to replace. They knew that many of them were damaged and not keeping their home efficient. On chilly winter mornings they could see frost on the insides of the panes.

“When Jamie (owner of Midland Exteriors Inc.) came out to our house to give us a quote, he said: I don’t care if you do one window or 13 windows. I’m going to give you the price per window and you can do as many or as few as you want. That really put our mind at ease knowing exactly what the price would be.”

Jamie took the time to walk around the Bowman’s home and help them inspect their windows to see which ones were in need of repair or replacement and provide ideas on what types of windows- both in design and material, might be a good fit for their home and their budget.

“We looked at other companies and other brands of windows and chose to go with Infinity from Marvin windows. We have been so happy with them. You know you have a quality window when you can put a candle in the window in 100 degree weather during a hot Kansas summer and the candle doesn’t melt- it’s fine.”

Replacing a window in their front room that overlooked the lake has made a huge impact on their home’s appearance. “Anyone who comes over and had seen the house before asks if we made the window bigger, if we cut a bigger hole.” Actually, the window is the exact same size as before. The Bowman’s selected a picture window without any muntin bars in the window so the view was unobstructed. This opened up the beautiful view of the lake for a picturesque scene visible from their living room.

Another project was the siding. Scott and Leigh Ann chose to have some siding repair work done first, knowing that later on they would want to do a total replacement. Over time, the back of the house had settled, leaving gaps. Their chimney was also of particular concern, which Midland Exteriors was able to re-face in stone.

“When they repaired the siding, he asked what we would want it to look like and told us: now this is how I would do it, but let us give input and decide how it should be done. Now you can’t even tell there was a problem there. We have been so pleased with Midland Exteriors work, we told Jamie when we were ready to replace the siding, we weren’t even going to get other quotes. We knew who we trusted at that point.”

When it was time to replace the siding, the Bowman’s chose to use seamless steel siding.

“When a lot of people hear I have steel siding on my house, they think it’s like aluminum. But I have a piece left over from when it was installed that I show them and after they feel that, they can’t believe that’s what’s on my house. It’s a thick gauge.”

“They showed us all of the different options and they could do them all. The steel siding was a little bit more expensive, but it really wasn’t that much more. When it came to durability and quality, bang for your buck, the steel siding was the way to go.”

Having Midland Exteriors walk them through the design process for their siding helped the Bowman’s to have confidence in their design and color decisions for their siding as well.

“He could show us on the computer what it would look like to change the color or style in certain areas.” Leigh Ann ended up using the color swatch from the siding they were thinking about installing to paint the shed in the backyard before they finalized the color decision, to make sure the color would look as they expected. After seeing the color on the shed, they knew for sure that was the color they wanted to see on their home.

For Leigh Ann, it was the communication in particular that made working with Midland Exteriors such an easy process. “They always called to keep us updated on when materials came in, when they planned to come out to work, if they might happen to be even 15 minutes late, they called to let us know. We’ve had several projects done and it didn’t seem to matter whether our budget was $5,000 or $50,000. They gave us the same level of attention every time. We’ve recommended them to several friends and even if you don’t choose the highest quality products that they recommend, they still give you the same respect and attention. That’s just how they do business.”

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