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Siding Options You Will Need To Consider

Siding Options You Will Need To Consider For Your Topeka, KS, HomeAll Your Options, From The Material To The

Siding Options You Will Need To Consider

Siding Options You Will Need To Consider
For Your Topeka, KS, Home

All Your Options, From The Material
To The Color

When you choose your new siding for your Topeka, KS, home, you want it to be perfect. After all, it’s likely to be the first thing anyone notices about your home. Several considerations must be made when choosing the ideal option for your home’s exterior. These include texture, color, style, and material.

While the color and style of the siding you choose are important for aesthetic purposes, the long-term protection of your home is the true purpose of siding. Considering the material should be a priority to ensure you get the most out of your investment. We’ll explore these four options in detail so you know what to look for when selecting your new siding.

Siding Texture

Different materials offer different textures. The one you choose can affect the overall appearance of your home as much as any of the other options.

Wood Grain

Many homeowners opt for the natural look of a traditional wood grain. While this texture is available on wood and engineered wood, you can also get it in options that do not require all the maintenance of these two materials, including vinyl, fiber cement, steel, and aluminum. To take this texture a step further, consider wood shake siding.

Smooth Lap

Smooth lap is just as it sounds – smooth in texture. It is ideal for properties with many accentuating features that do not need anything else to stand out, like wood grain.


While stucco is a siding type, it can also be described as a texture. Different patterns and aggregates create additional layers of texture to design a different feel to your home’s exterior.

Board And Batten

This siding type offers an interesting texture for a pleasing contrast between the panels and the battens, especially when combined with wood grain boards. Even without a wood grain, the battens provide texture on their own.

Siding Colors

You can make the most of your new siding by matching the color to the style of your home. When comparing color palettes, you’ll notice that your home’s style works better with different colors. For example, a Craftsman home will do better with earthy, rugged tones.

If you plan on using two colors on your home, ensure your color palette is well-balanced. Include cool tones with your warm tones. Finally, base your trim off your chosen siding colors to complete the ensemble.

Ultimately the choice is yours, but a good siding installation company can make recommendations to help you decide.

Siding Styles

Siding styles can be categorized into three primary groups: horizontal, vertical, and shake and shingle. There are several main types of styles that you can choose from, depending on the material you want to use.

Traditional Lap

Standard horizontal lap siding is known as traditional lap. It is typically put together by nailing the boards on top of one another.

Dutch Lap

Generally made of vinyl, Dutch lap comes in larger pieces than traditional lap. Its ridges give it the appearance of multiple panels stacked atop one another.

Log Lap Siding

Made to look like a log cabin once installed, log lap siding is made of wood with a rounded appearance.

Split Shake

If you’re looking for the most traditional style of shake siding, you want split shake. The siding pieces are formed from a wooden block and left rough-hewn but with a uniform length.

Scalloped Shingle

The scalloped shingle can be made from wood or wood alternatives with a wood grain finish. It has a rounded bottom edge on each shingle, giving it a scalloped appearance.

Staggered Shake And Shingle

With a staggered shake and shingle siding, the material is cut and left uneven as it is placed on the side of your home. This type of siding can also be made from vinyl or fiberglass.

Alternatively, you can select straight-edge shingle, which is the same material but cut evenly across. It depends on how you want your siding to look.

Board And Batten

As we mentioned, board and batten is a vertical-style siding with alternating sized boards. It can be made from wood, composite, vinyl, or aluminum.

Siding Materials For Topeka, KS, Homes

Choosing the best siding materials to stand up to our Topeka, KS, climate is essential to ensuring your investment goes as far as possible. The last thing you want is to have to replace your new siding in just a couple of years because you chose the wrong material. Here at Midland Exteriors, we’ve found one that beats all the rest.

Vinyl Siding

If you’re looking for the most economical choice of siding material to install on your home, vinyl siding is the one. However, it rarely stands up well to our weather. It is well known for cracking in cold weather, and when it becomes damaged, it requires replacement of panels, as there is no other option.

Wood Siding

Wood siding offers a classic look for any home, but it has many downsides. It requires a lot of maintenance to keep it looking as good as the day it was installed, and it is prone to moisture damage.

Fiber Cement

For a material that comes the closest to copying natural wood grain, fiber cement is the clear choice. It is also very durable and relatively maintenance-free. It’s made up of heavy materials, making it a job for professionals, and eventually, you will have to repaint it.

Seamless Steel Siding

What we have found that outclasses all other siding materials when handling our Topeka, KS, climate is seamless steel siding. Nothing lasts longer or maintains its appearance better over time than this material. It is specially treated steel that is guaranteed not to rust or flake, making your faux-wood grains even more appealing.

When You Need New Siding In Topeka, KS, Trust Midland Exteriors

If you’re looking for seamless siding near Topeka, KS, there’s only one company to turn to – Midland Exteriors. Unlike other companies, we only use factory-trained, in-house employees for our installations, guaranteeing you impeccable results.

There’s no such thing as compromises when it comes to taking care of our customers. We put our all into every job – guaranteed.

Call us today at (855) 735-8255 to schedule your free estimate.

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