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The Best Way To Clean Your Gutters

Guide For Cleaning Your GutterSystem In Council Grove, KS Rid Your Gutters Of Leaves,Pine Needles, And MoreThe best

The Best Way To Clean Your Gutters

Guide For Cleaning Your Gutter
System In Council Grove, KS

Rid Your Gutters Of Leaves,
Pine Needles, And More

The best way to keep gutters clean in Council Grove, KS is with gutter protection. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t ways to clean your gutters before you get gutter guards. That said, it’s important that when you do clean your gutters, it is done safely and efficiently.

Midland Exteriors installs seamless gutters and gutter protection systems in Morris County. We use the best systems in Kansas to reduce gutter cleaning, and we’re here for you through every stage of the process – even to offer tips.

Why Cleaning Your Gutters Is Important

If you have traditional gutters and do not have gutter protection, cleaning them is important for the safety of your home. The main reason to clean your gutters is to prevent water damage to your siding, roof, and foundation. Clogged gutters may also attract pests, damage your fascia, and even cause the gutters to collapse.

The purpose of gutters is to direct water away from your foundation, through downspouts, and into a designated area. The area you direct the water could be a drain bucket, drain field, or something more innovative. But if your gutters are clogged, they cannot do their job properly, and water is not directed to the proper outlet.

How Often Should You Clean Your
Gutters In Council Grove, KS?

The general rule of thumb is to clean your gutters twice a year – once in the spring and once in the fall. In some climates, once a year is doable, but in Kansas, it’s important that you clean your gutters twice a year.

Spring and fall cleanings should take care of the majority of debris, as the summer and winter have very little buildup. The end of spring and the end of fall are ideal, but as long as it’s once every six months or so, your gutters shouldn’t get too full.

Best Method For Cleaning Your Gutters In Morris County

Traditional gutter cleaning methods involve standing on a ladder and scooping debris out with your hands or a small tool. Though this method is effective, it’s not safe, and it’s not the best method for cleaning gutters anymore.

For the best method, there are a few things to consider before getting started to ensure you remain safe while getting the job done well.

Wear Gloves

Gloves protect your hands from bacteria and germs that may be in your gutters. They also help prevent cuts from sharp metal edges of old gutter systems. Ideally, wear rubber gloves under work gloves to combat both sharp debris and water.

Use Ladders With Caution

If you feel comfortable using a ladder, ensure that you take the proper precautions. This includes having a buddy hold the ladder while you climb and never climbing above the top rung. If you’re uncomfortable using a ladder, hiring a professional is advisable.

Use A Telescoping Wand

The best method for cleaning gutters is to use a hose with a telescoping wand made for gutters. This allows you to wash out your gutters from the ground level.

A similar method involves using a ShopVac with an extender to clean out your gutters. This works well but requires a separate wand and only works on a dry/wet vacuum.

Gutter Protection Eliminates The
Need To Clean Your Gutters

Gutter guards protect your gutters from debris and prevent clogs, so you no longer have to clean them. If they’re attached to seamless gutters, that cuts down on maintenance even more, as seamless gutters don’t have sections with weak spots that tend to bend, crack, and rust.

Gutter protection comes in many forms, but one of the best is a micro-mesh Gutter Gekko. This guard keeps out debris while still allowing water to flow freely through the gutters.

Midland Exteriors offers exceptional gutter protection for Council Grove, KS. If you’re ready to reduce the need to clean your gutters, call us today at (855) 735-8255 for a free quote.

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