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There’s Friendly… And Then There’s Midland Exteriors Friendly

Want Five-Star Friendliness? Choose Midland Exteriors 4 Ways Being Friendly Makes A HUGE Difference For YOUIf you go

There’s Friendly… And Then There’s Midland Exteriors Friendly

Want Five-Star Friendliness? Choose Midland Exteriors

4 Ways Being Friendly Makes A
HUGE Difference For YOU

If you go to a five-star restaurant – and we mean the type that starts at $100 a plate – you expect the entire experience to be five-star. You want a friendly, hospitable waiter AND great food prepared by a renowned chef. If the waiter is rude, nasty, and unprofessional, your experience is (greatly) impacted.

The same goes for “five-star” exterior remodeling services in Johnson County. A rude and unprofessional installer can ruin your experience, even if the results are impeccable.

Now, if you read through our reviews and examine our case studies, you’ll see a trend… we’re friendly. The fact is you don’t earn a nearly perfect Google rating and an A+ BBB rating without being friendly.

And our friendliness makes a HUGE difference. Here are four important ways our friendliness ensures your five-star experience.

1. You Never Feel Pressured

What do the average used car salesman and the average exterior remodeling salesman have in common? Well, a lot. They both often work off of commission (so they’ll do anything to close a sale). They use the same pressure-filled sales tactics. And they often leave important details that you NEED to know out of your quote.

At Midland Exteriors, we provide honest, pressure-free quotes. We don’t need to place pressure upon you – and we never do. Our secret sales sauce? Our friendliness. You see, when you’re genuinely friendly, which we are, you don’t need to coerce homeowners. And that’s why:

  • We talk with you and have a real conversation – which is MUCH better than a sales pitch
  • We provide detailed, accurate quotes that you can trust and know won’t change after the project starts
  • We provide the information you need to know on how you can reach your exterior remodeling goals and leave the decision-making up to YOU.
  • We’re not afraid of the word “no.” And unlike many other exterior remodeling firms, we can take a hint. If you’re not interested or now is not the right time for you to pull the trigger, we’ll leave without overstaying our welcome.

2. You Can Trust Our Installers

We’ve established a history of trust with Kansas homeowners. Of course, we’ve done it through impeccable installation results and refusing to use anything less than the BEST materials. But it’s more than that.

Our friendliness also lets homeowners know they can trust us. Our friendly attitude and unflinching integrity, let you feel at ease when we’re around and inside your home during your exterior remodeling project.

3. We Resolve Issues FAST

We offer an unbeatable guarantee that usually includes a lifetime manufacturer warranty AND at least 10 years of workmanship coverage. But a warranty is only good if the company HONORS it – at Midland Exteriors, we do honor our warranty.

In fact, in 20+ years of business, we’ve NEVER denied a service visit after installation – ever! And we don’t intend to start. If you call us with any issue that shouldn’t exist after installation, we’ll fix it. It’s that simple.

4. You Know We’ll Answer Your Call

The only complaint you might have about our installers is that they talk your ear off. And we apologize in advance. When it comes to exterior remodeling, we’re passionate. But it also means that not only will we answer your call, we’ll do so enthusiastically!

And we always keep you in the know, so you’re never stuck wondering about any important project details.

If you’re searching for a friendly exterior remodeler in Johnson County, KS, then look no further than Midland Exteriors. Contact us today for a pressure-free and accurate quote.

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