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Thinking About New Fiberglass Windows? Here’s Some Terminology To Be Aware Of

Topeka, KS Replacement FiberglassWindow Terminology Explained Understanding Your New FiberglassWindows And FeaturesIf

Thinking About New Fiberglass Windows? Here’s Some Terminology To Be Aware Of

Topeka, KS Replacement Fiberglass
Window Terminology Explained

Understanding Your New Fiberglass
Windows And Features

If your current windows aren’t cutting it, it could be time to update your home with fiberglass windows in Topeka, KS.

When you choose to have replacement windows installed, you will likely hear a lot of terminology. Some of it may be confusing or unfamiliar.

At Midland Exteriors, we want you to be comfortable with your window project, and we are happy to explain everything to you.

Let’s take a look at some of the most common window terminology you might hear us use.

Common Fiberglass Window Terms

When shopping for fiberglass windows, these are some of the most common terms you’ll come across. Understanding them can make talking with your window contractor a lot easier.


A sash is a part of the window that holds everything together. It’s where the glass and the frame meet, allowing the panels to move. Different types of windows have different amounts of sashes.

If the fiberglass windows are double-hung, they will have two sashes. If it is a single-hung window, it will still have two sashes, but only one will move.

Fiberglass windows in topeka, ks


The window pane is the sheet of glass that sits inside the window. It can be one solid pane, or it can be broken up into small panes.

Window panes are versatile and come in a variety of different styles, thicknesses, and even colors. They can also have various features, such as tinting and energy efficiency.

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency refers to a window’s ability to prevent inside air from leaving a home and outside air from entering it.

When windows are energy efficient, they help keep a home at a constant temperature and reduce energy bills. Fiberglass windows are known for being energy efficient.


The apron is the bottom part of the window. Aprons are usually decorative and can be customized to fit your windows and the style you want. The apron sits against the outside wall of the home. The main purpose of the apron is to act as decorative trim and add curb appeal.

Weather Stripping

Weather stripping can be added to all types of windows. It acts as a seal to help keep out water and wind. While windows are designed to keep out the elements, weather stripping acts as a backup to ensure the windows are sealed tightly and protected from anything that could get inside.


The casing is a frame that covers the entire window opening. It helps block any openings or seams between the wall and the window.

Casings can be very simple and thin or thicker and detailed. They usually match the window’s frame, but they can be designed to meet the customer’s needs and fit a certain style or design.


The window stop is the thin strip holding the window sash. It helps to hold the glass in the frame so it doesn’t fall out whenever the window is opened or closed. It is positioned inside the frame, so it’s not easily seen.


The stool is sometimes called the window sill. It sits at the bottom of the side and is turned towards the inside of the home. Window stools come in different sizes and designs but often look like small shelves.

Some are even built out into window seats or larger shelves. Window stools can hold small items, but most can’t support a lot of weight.


The jambs of a window are small pieces of wood or plastic that go on each side of the window frame. They aren’t always necessary but can help a window fit better.

Many companies that sell windows also sell matching jambs, so they blend in the windows and are not noticeable. Jambs must be installed properly, or they can cause gaps and allow water to leak inside.

Midland Exteriors Can Help With All Your
Fiberglass Window Needs In Topeka, KS

When it comes to replacement fiberglass windows in Shawnee County, Midland Exteriors has you covered. We are happy to answer any questions you might have about the different parts of your windows, and we can make sure every detail is covered.

Our experts have years of experience with fiberglass windows, and we are happy to ensure your windows are installed professionally.

If you are ready to get replacement fiberglass windows for your home, contact Midland Exteriors for a free estimate.

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