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Tips For Choosing Your New Entry Door

Tips For Choosing An Entry Door Replacement For Your Olathe, KS Residence What To Keep In Mind Before Replacing Your

Tips For Choosing Your New Entry Door

Tips For Choosing An Entry Door Replacement
For Your Olathe, KS Residence

What To Keep In Mind Before
Replacing Your Entry Door

The entry door of your Olathe, KS house ought to provide trouble-free service for many years or even decades. However, at some point, it will almost certainly need replacement. It might have deteriorated to the point that it no longer offers you the security you want, or it may be allowing in drafts and causing HVAC bills to rise.

In any case, you will need to choose a new front door. Since they usually last so long, you may not have considered your options or thought about what type is best for your home. In fact, many homeowners simply replace their existing door with one that is identical or very similar to it.

However, if you do that, you are missing an opportunity to add a splash of your personality to the exterior of your home. You also miss out on making changes that could benefit your family and your budget. Below are some tips for selecting a new entry door for your Olathe, KS, home.

1. The Entry Door Should Complement
The Style Of Your Olathe, KS Home

The new front door you choose should fit the architectural style of your home. For instance, if you live in an ornate Victorian house full of decorative scrollwork and gingerbread features, don’t select a simple, understated, or modern-looking entry door. The pairing will simply not look right.

Instead, choose a door that complements the ornate style. Perhaps select a French door with carved wood and etching in the glass. Such a door style will complement the style of your home.

The reverse is true if you live in a modern house. Avoid decorative door choices and select a door that is more contemporary looking. Try to choose a complementary color and door material, as well.

2. Consider The Security Needs Of
Your Johnson County Dwelling

The next step in choosing an entry door is to consider your security needs. What type of neighborhood do you live in? Is there a lot of crime? These factors should go into the decision of what type of front door you need.

For instance, steel prehung doors in a steel frame are the most secure. They are difficult – if not impossible – for an intruder to break through. They offer your family and belongings considerable safety against crime. Thick, sturdy natural wood doors also offer a lot of security.

Meanwhile, vinyl doors cannot offer anywhere near the same protection. French doors with large windows on the front cannot, either. A burglar might be able to break the window, reach inside, and turn the lock for easy access. If you still want a French door with a large window, be sure to choose one that features security glass.

3. Consider The Energy Efficiency Of Your New
Olathe, KS, Entry Door Replacement

Finally, be sure to consider how energy-efficient your new door is. The front door accounts for a considerable amount of the heat loss a house experiences. Thus, the more energy-efficient it is, the less you’ll pay for heating and cooling costs. It may not be a lot of money, but the savings add up, month after month, for years.

Generally, steel and fiberglass doors have a higher insulative value than wooden doors. Additionally, you should consider models that are Energy Star-qualified. These have been independently tested and certified by a third-party energy rating company.

Doors with an Energy Star rating often have tighter-fitting frames to eliminate drafts. They may feature energy-efficient cores and double- or triple-pane insulating glass that cuts the amount of heat transfer the door allows.

The combination of these construction and design factors eliminates drafts. It keeps your home at more comfortable temperatures all year long. And it helps you save money on heating and cooling your home. As such, it also minimizes furnace and air conditioner use and extends the lifespan of your HVAC systems.

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