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Trust Your Instincts When Researching Exterior Remodelers

Trust Your “Spidey Sense” When Picking Your Kansas Exterior Remodeling CompanyIf A Johnson County Contractor Seems

Trust Your Instincts When Researching Exterior Remodelers

Trust Your “Spidey Sense” When Picking Your
Kansas Exterior Remodeling Company

If A Johnson County Contractor Seems Sleazy,
That’s Probably What You’re Dealing With.
We’re Different.

Kansas exterior remodelers, in general, don’t maintain the best reputation. It’s an unfortunate reality, not just here, but across the country. Pretty much every Johnson County homeowner we’ve talked to has a horror story about an incompetent, sleazy, or even completely dishonest contractor.

Believe it or not, this is one of those things in life where maybe you SHOULD judge a book by its cover.

Here’s what we mean by that:

  • Red Flag: A contractor that gives you bad vibes, seems untrustworthy or shifty, or presents themselves in an unprofessional manner

That said, here’s a list of things to watch out for. Most of the time, your instincts will pick up on potential danger. Our brains are hardwired to do so, you just have to listen.

Poor Body Language

Beyond written or oral language, body language is actually our primary form of communication. We all know this on a gut level, but tend to put our focus on words (especially here in the “west”). Just pay attention to how they sit and stand, how they speak, how they interact with you and your home, and how they present exterior remodeling solutions.

While some folks can sort of “fake” all this stuff and present a false identity, most contractors or salespeople will give you all the signals you need to know whether they’re:

  • Honest
  • Confident
  • Informed
  • And Professional

High-Pressure, Arm-Twisting Sales Tactics

If sales are their goal vs. listening to you, engaging with you under the umbrella of YOUR goals, etc., you’ll see/feel it within minutes.

High-pressure sales tactics are a HUGE red flag. These guys are usually more salesmen than technicians, and they’ll put all of their efforts into getting you to sign a contract and give them a deposit.

  • They probably won’t listen to your actual needs and will instead give you their canned, self-serving sales pitch.
  • They may even use scare tactics to pressure you to purchase their services RIGHT AWAY before something terrible happens. The really shameless ones will even make up “limited-time” offers for discounted services that aren’t really discounted at all.

We could go on about sleazy sales tactics, but–let’s face it–these guys are easy to spot. If you feel like you’re being sold a used car, DON’T hire them. Instead, give Midland Exteriors a try.

We pride ourselves on our Zero-Pressure consultations and project pricing quotes.

Too-Good-To-Be-True (False) Promises

In keeping with our commitment to honesty and respect, we make a point of providing honest price quotes.

Again, unfortunately, not every Kansas exterior remodeler operates that way.

Some KC area contractors make too-good-to-be-true offers just to get you to sign the dotted line. Between hidden fees and unexpected charges, you may end up paying WAY more than what you were initially told.

And that’s only if they actually come back to do the work. We’ve heard stories of homeowners who gave their deposit to a contractor who went out of business…without completing the work! Needless to say, that’s NOT how Midland conducts business and helps folks.

Our Unflinching Integrity demands we give you an honest quote for an honest day’s work, and if we say we’ll do something, we will.

Pay Attention To Reviews, Reputation & Company History

While it might seem weird to do a deep dive into exterior remodelers, doing a little research can help you make an informed decision. A smidgen of digital elbow grease goes a long way in this department.

Longevity is important. Since most contractors go out of business within a few years, finding one that’s been serving Eastern Kansas for DECADES, like Midland, is a great sign.

Reviews are also a great way to get an idea of a company’s integrity and overall quality. If they have a plethora of excellent reviews (as we do), it’s a good sign you can trust them to do high-quality work.

  • We even take it a step further and provide References who you can speak with before making your decision.
  • We do this because we know how big of a commitment an exterior remodeling project can be and how hard it is to find a reputable window, entry door, gutters or siding installer

When you work with Midland Exteriors, we want you to be 100% certain you’ve made the right choice. Give us a try. We’ll pull out all the stops to ensure you’re happy with the products we install, our workmanship, and our overall process.

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