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What Is a Free Replacement Window Consultation Like?

When you get started with a remodeling project like window replacement, there are probably a lot of questions on your mind.

What Is a Free Replacement Window Consultation Like?

When you get started with a remodeling project like window replacement, there are probably a lot of questions on your mind. How much does window replacement cost? Is there a standard size for windows? How will I know what options to consider? How long will it take to install new windows? How do I know my windows need replaced? Will they need it again soon?

Thankfully, replacing your windows isn’t something you can expect to do often. Understanding the condition of each of your windows by checking them on a regular basis for leaks, cracks, or other issues can help you identify replacement needs. Window costs, styles, and quality vary greatly, so having someone to help you understand the process can make it much easier on you. Plus, having access to payment and financing plans can help break your project into affordable chunks that work for your budget. Understanding the costs and return on investment (new windows and doors provide an average of 73% return on investment when selling your home) can help you make informed decisions.

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Setting up a Window Consultation Appointment

When you have decided to get an estimate or a project on your home, the first step is to reach out and provide some details about your project. This is typically done on an online form or by calling the office (855) 735-8255. We will then schedule a time to stop by (or do a virtual consultation if you prefer) and discuss your project further.

Discussing Replacement Window Project Goals

When our project consultant visits your home, he or she will ask some questions to better understand your priorities for your project. These questions will fall into a few categories. Our consultants’ job is to ask the right questions to ensure your needs are covered.

Problems: What kind of problems have you experienced with your current windows? What issues are you looking to solve? How long have these issues been occurring? What alternatives to replacement have you tried? How many windows are you looking to replace?

Appearance: What do you like about the windows you currently have? What would you like to change? Is there a particular style, color, or product you are interested in? You may want to replace your windows with a similar or even identical style, or make a change to enhance the beauty and character of your home.

Operation: Are there exterior noises that cause problems you would like to reduce? When cleaning your windows, do you have any concerns?

Budget: Do you anticipate paying for your project all at once or on a payment schedule? (We offer 24 months no payments, no interest, and low cost payment plans.) What amount have you budgeted to take care of your project?

Project Timing: When would you like to start your project? Do you have a timeline in mind? Are there other projects that should be tackled at the same time?

In addition to asking questions, your consultant will also ask to see any damage or problems you have experienced. This is important as many problems with windows can be caused by underlying factors that may also need to be addressed.

Your project consultant can also help you identify different needs for different areas of your home. For example, not all windows may need to have the same glass coating on them or energy efficiency, depending on if they are in an area of your house that gets a lot of sun or wind.

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Taking Window Measurements

It can be difficult to tell if you are taking accurate measurements. Measurement locations depend on the type of window you will be replacing with (pocket or full) and if any repair work needs to be done to the frame surrounding the window. This could be the case if your windows have warped or leaked, allowing rot damage to occur. You may also decide you want a larger window than you currently have. Window size, style, and type will be discussed so our project consultants can take accurate measurements and order your windows to fit perfectly. Infinity windows and doors are custom made to your home’s specifications and are always measured precisely for a true and tight fit.

Identifying Solutions for Replacement Windows

Once you know more about the window sizes and styles you are looking for and any problems you need to resolve, your project consultant will provide samples for you to look at and choose from so you can weigh options on window materials and functionality. You are always welcome to come into the showroom and see these samples in person to get a better idea of how they work and what they might look like in your home. Your project consultant will help you identify priorities and products that provide solutions, while also matching the style of your home and your budget. A digital mock up can also be provided to show you what the new windows will look like from inside and from outside your home.

A quote is then provided. Many companies just provide a lump sum including the price of installation, but we believe in a more transparent process and provide detailed quotes so you can see the breakdown of costs and the price per window.

Next Steps for Replacement Window Installation

Once the specific window products are selected and design details such as color, hardware, and glass coatings have been decided, we order the windows for your project from Infinity from Marvin Windows. We have partnered with them for more than 15 years and trust their products to be of the best quality.

At this point, many window installation companies would then turn the project over to a contractor to install your windows. But we hire our own installers who work specifically for us. This helps us ensure we deliver the results that you were promised in your consultation. We keep you posted throughout the process so you know when your windows arrive at our shop and when installation can be scheduled.



Once we have your windows, we can customize them further by matching stain colors to your home. Next, the actual installation process begins. Our project foremen always prioritize open communication and work to keep the work site tidy- after all, it’s your home, we’re just working in it! We always recommend doing a quick inventory pre-installation to identify what window treatments and furniture or rugs may need to be moved prior to the installation. It’s also good to have a plan for where pets and children will be during installation so they can be kept safe and sound. Before installation begins, the installation team will do a check in with you to identify any special instructions for working in your home.
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Depending on the project and how many windows are being replaced, installation may take a few hours, or a few days. After installation, we love to hear any feedback you have about the process and encourage our customers to give us a call if they experience any problems or have questions about their windows.

There is no shortage of window replacement professionals in the U.S., but we hope no matter who you get a quote from, you look into their credentials, expertise, and terms of service. Learn more about ours!


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