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What Is Seamless Steel Siding?

Understanding Seamless Steel Siding In Junction City, KSEverything You Need To Know When Choosing Seamless Steel

What Is Seamless Steel Siding?

Understanding Seamless Steel Siding In
Junction City, KS

Everything You Need To Know When Choosing
Seamless Steel SidingFor Your Home

If your Junction City, KS home requires a refresher of your exterior, you may be thinking about more than just planting a new shrub or plant. Instead, one of the best ways to refresh the exterior of your home is by replacing your siding.

The siding on any home is not meant to last forever. Depending upon the type of material the siding is made from will determine how long it will last. The following siding materials are commonly found throughout the Geary County area:

  • Wood has a lifespan of 20-40 years
  • Vinyl lasts anywhere from 20-40 years
  • Aluminum can last up to 40 years

Ultimately, 40 years is around the lifespan that people will see with regular siding options. Enter stainless steel siding, which can last fifty years or more as long as it is taken care of.

If your home needs new siding, seamless steel siding may be the type to consider once you understand all its benefits.

Seamless Steel Siding 101

You may hear seamless steel siding referred to as metal siding, when being installed on homes in the area. However, it is not just “metal.” It is more robust steel and can withstand the elements seen in the Junction City, KS, area.

The manufacturers make seamless steel siding with the idea that contractors will cut sections to fit onto the homes that require new siding. Thus, each job a contractor handles will be a custom fit – allowing the siding to be seamless.

Each piece of seamless steel siding is galvanized – ensuring it is ready to handle all weather that comes through the area. Galvanized steel is resistant to rust, while the seamless aspect of the siding ensures no moisture leaks through.

Let’s look at some of the benefits, drawbacks, and commonly asked questions about seamless steel siding.

What Are The Benefits Of Installing Seamless Steel Siding?

There are several benefits to installing seamless steel siding on your house. You will discover benefits like:

  • It is resistant to fading due to sunlight, unlike other types of siding that often fades over the years.
  • There is virtually no maintenance needed with seamless steel siding; many homeowners get by with a simple garden hose.
  • Steel siding is extremely environmentally friendly as steel is one of those items that is recycled regularly in the United States.
  • Resistant to fire, ensuring your home is safer, and could even get you a break on your home insurance policy.
  • Steel does not attract pests; thus, there is no worry about termites, ants, or other harmful insects.
  • Warping is nonexistent with steel, but familiar with other siding options like vinyl.
  • Thanks to the seamless design, there will be no water that penetrates, ensuring no rot will occur.

Overall, there are numerous benefits to having seamless steel siding installed on your Junction City, KS, home.

Drawbacks To Seamless Steel Siding

While steel siding has many benefits, people point out one significant drawback. Seamless steel siding costs more than other siding options like vinyl or wood.

However, while the price is always something to consider when upgrading your home, you must also consider the product’s longevity and the other benefits the siding option offers. Since seamless steel siding offers so many benefits, the cost is warranted. Most homeowners are more than happy to increase their spending to ensure the safety and beauty of their homes.

Common Questions About Seamless Steel Siding

Homeowners have several questions before installing seamless steel siding in their homes.

A: No, it is not going to dent as easily as you would think. In most cases, the dents people think about are related to aluminum siding, which is weaker than steel.

A: Yes, there are many colors to choose from, so you are not limited to design just because you have decided to go with seamless steel siding for your home.

A: No, it does not when you work with a qualified professional who is knowledgeable and trained in installing seamless steel siding.

A: When anyone thinks of steel, they think of rusted steel that sees the outdoor elements all the time – much like siding will. Steel siding is put through a zinc treatment to help ensure corrosion and rust does not happen.

The best advice for any Junction City, KS, homeowner is to ask questions about their contractor handling the seamless steel siding installation process and ensure you work with someone who truly understands seamless steel siding.

Free Seamless Steel Siding Estimates For Your
Junction City, KS Home

If you have considered upgrading your Junction City, KS, home siding, seamless steel siding is a great option. Luckily, Midland Exteriors is here to help you decide if seamless steel siding is best for your home or not with free estimates.

Contact us or call us today at 855-735-8255 to start the process.

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