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What Is The Best Siding For Energy Efficiency

Seamless Steel Siding Is The Most EnergyEfficient Option In Holton, KS Choose Siding That Protects YourHome In Jackson

What Is The Best Siding For Energy Efficiency

Seamless Steel Siding Is The Most Energy
Efficient Option In Holton, KS

Choose Siding That Protects Your
Home In Jackson County

Seamless steel siding in Holton, KS improves the curb appeal and lifespan of your home’s exterior. But that’s not all it does, as it’s one of the most energy-efficient siding options. Seamless steel siding tends to leave vinyl and cedar in the dust, despite these sidings also having benefits. There is good, but then there’s exceptional.

Midland Exteriors is the leading siding installation company in Jackson County. We firmly believe that seamless steel siding is the most energy-efficient option out there – and we learned that from extensive research as well as trial and error.

Metal Siding Is Moisture Resistant

Steel is a waterproof material even without treatment, but with coatings to help protect seamless steel siding, it’s an amazing moisture-repellent siding. The only thing that makes some steel not moisture-repellent is that they are prone to rusting.

Rusting reduces energy efficiency as it wears down on the steel and even causes holes to form. But seamless steel siding is resistant to rust, and because it is moisture resistant, it fights any rain or humidity that tries to make its way into your home.

High Winds And Hail Are No Match
For Impact-Resistant Metal Siding

Hail can dent many types of siding, but it’s unlikely to damage seamless steel siding. The high winds that send debris your way and the hail in the winter that beats down on your roof are no match for seamless steel.

Kansas is known for the ups and downs in the weather all year long – that’s the Midwest for you. Who hasn’t turned their air on and heat on during the same day? It’s nice to have a siding that can handle all types of weather while remaining energy efficient.

Seamless Steel Siding Reflects Sunlight

Metal siding naturally reflects heat. But when you add a layer of protection with heat-reflecting paint, it takes things up a notch. At Midland Exteriors, we use a coating that helps reflect heat, making your home much more energy-efficient in the summer.

Consider two ratings when it comes to energy efficiency in Jackson County – Light Reflective Value (LRV) and Solar Reflectance Index (SRI). LRV is a straightforward rating that references how much heat a color/paint reflects, while SRI measures the ability of a material to reflect heat.

Zinc Coating Helps Protect Your Home

CarbonTech90 is the type of zinc coating we use because it’s exceptionally efficient in protecting metal siding. Zinc coating creates a thin, physical barrier that extends the lifespan of the siding. While other metals are prone to corrosion without a protective barrier, zinc is 100 times more resistant to it.

Other Benefits Of Seamless Metal Siding

Seamless metal siding is an extremely durable siding option that lasts a lifetime. The metal siding we use at Midland Exteriors looks like real wood yet is insect repellent, which is not something that can be said for real wood.

These practical benefits are paired with aesthetic benefits, such as the timeless beauty of wood with the anti-fading properties of zinc-coated steel. Seamless metal siding does not age out, but if you decide to replace it for another reason, the metal is fully recyclable.

Our Metal Siding Comes With A Lifetime Guarantee

It’s easy to say that our siding is energy-efficient and durable. But it doesn’t mean anything unless we back it up with a warranty. While 15-year or 50-year warranties are great for less energy-efficient sidings, a lifetime guarantee is more than plausible for seamless metal siding – so that’s what we offer.

Midland Exteriors offers the best seamless steel siding in Holton, KS because we pay great attention to ensure it is durable, energy efficient, and installed flawlessly. Are you interested in a free estimate? Call us today at 855-735-8255.

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