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What Is The Most Secure Front Door Material?

What Is The Most Secure Front Door Material For Your Topeka, KS, Home?The Best Entry Door Option For The Most Peace Of

What Is The Most Secure Front Door Material?

What Is The Most Secure Front Door Material
For Your Topeka, KS, Home?

The Best Entry Door Option For
The Most Peace Of Mind

When you select your entry door for your Topeka, KS, home, you want it to be more than just a beautiful sight. It should be a source of security for you and your family. Choosing the best one for the job can be confusing with all the available materials and products. The easy answer is that it depends on the situation and your goals.

Premium-quality wood, fiberglass, and steel entry doors each present qualities that make them effective at being secure materials for front doors. However, you must be highly selective with the brand and material you choose to get the most out of your investment. We’ll explore the pros and cons of each material so you can make the most informed decision.

Wood Entry Doors

If you prefer the look of a natural wood door, this can be an effective, secure option for exterior doors. However, it must be a solid wood door with no fillers like plywood or fiberboard. To make it even more secure, it requires reinforcement with metal plating.

The significant issue with wood is the maintenance it requires to remain fully functional. Additionally, this material is highly susceptible to the weather, twisting, warping, and rotting with exposure to moisture and temperature changes.

So, while wood provides a natural and timeless look, it can be a hassle to maintain. On the level of security, it comes in last on the list of these three materials.

Fiberglass Entry Doors

Fiberglass is an excellent choice for an option that’s more durable than wood. It is resistant to rotting, twisting, and warping, as the changing temperatures do not have the same effects with contracting and expanding on this material as they do on wood.

Fiberglass won’t dent or chip and is extremely hard to scratch. Unlike wood alternatives, the strength of fiberglass can keep these exterior doors looking like new with minimal maintenance. Fiberglass doors can also come in a style that mimics wood, giving your home that traditional appearance without all the hassle.

For the most energy efficiency, you’ll want to choose fiberglass out of all three options. Fiberglass doors have a thick layer of foam inside them, protecting your home from the weather and insulating it from heat transfer.

Steel Entry Doors

While it’s not the most energy-efficient choice, steel is the most secure material out of the three options. Steel will hold up no matter how much someone beats on it, standing up to the most vigorous attacks.

Even though steel doors are strong, they are still susceptible to dents and dings, which can become unsightly if not repaired as they occur. However, this can be an easy DIY project with a car dent repair kit, which is an easy trade-off for the maximum security and peace of mind this door will give you.

Steel exterior doors also generally cost less than wood or fiberglass alternatives, but the downside is that they conduct heat more efficiently. This means you will have lower energy efficiency results with a steel door than a wood or fiberglass one.

You may also find the style options, while more advanced today than they used to be, are more limited with steel doors. While steel doors aren’t all imposing, stark structures anymore, there aren’t as many choices as with fiberglass and wood.

The Bottom Line: Steel Offers The Best Security

Overall, wood, fiberglass, and steel offer excellent security as exterior door materials; however, steel is the optimal choice when deciding on your door installation. It is the least likely material someone will break into out of the three, regardless of how long they try or how forceful they are.

Wood is likely to break at the jam, and fiberglass will crack and snap under enough pressure, allowing entry. A steel entry door is the way to go for the greatest peace of mind.

Upgrade Your Topeka, KS, Home’s Security With A New Entry Door From Midland Exteriors

If you’re concerned about your home’s security in Topeka, KS, consider having a new door installation. Having a premium quality steel entry door installed can give you great peace of mind.

Here at Midland Exteriors, we put results before profits every time, ensuring you get the best service possible. When you work with us, we promise better materials, warranties, and results.

Call us today at (855) 735-8255 to schedule your free estimate.

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