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What Our Reviews Say About Getting Your Siding Upgraded With Us

What Kansas Homeowners Say About Getting Their Siding Upgraded With Midland ExteriorsLet’s Look At Four Genuine

What Our Reviews Say About Getting Your Siding Upgraded With Us

What Kansas Homeowners Say About Getting
Their Siding Upgraded With Midland Exteriors

Let’s Look At Four Genuine Reviews And Shed Light
On The Midland Approach And Process

Here in the greater Kansas City area, homeowners have a long list of choices when it comes time to upgrade their homes with Seamless Steel Siding. The question for you is, who is going to give you the best results and overall experience for your time and money?

After decades of distinguished service to the people of this area, the Midland Team is confident we’re a rock-solid choice across the board. 

Here’s a trio of reasons you can dig deeper into for your research:

That being said, we could go on and on about ourselves, our teams, our philosophies, and our company in general. How about we let four local Kansas City-area families do some talking?

Below are four recent 5-Star Reviews we’ve gotten concerning our siding team. The only changes we made was some slight editing and removing specific names of people. 


Review #1

When You Don’t Know What Siding You Want.

The Midland Exteriors team was so friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful when reviewing options for new siding for my home. I had no idea what I wanted, but they helped me narrow it down until we had a great plan in place. I got a quote right away on the first visit, and they were able to start the installation within the time frame quoted. All of the workers have been kind and courteous, and the siding looks great! My home looks brand new!

One of the biggest benefits to working with siding specialists, is we can help you understand the working parts and variables. Most homeowners only go through this process once or maybe twice in their lives. And they simply can’t put all the cards on the table, which we’re happy to do.

Review #2

No Sales Nonsense & Transparent Siding Quotes.

Midland was professional from first contact, they came out and measured and gave me a quote with zero pressure and sales shpiel. They sided my house in 4 days with incredible competency and project management professionalism. I can’t say enough about the quality of this company.

At Midland, we have a strict Zero-Pressure policy when it comes to giving people honest, professional quotes. The siding system we design for your home will be based on your needs, your budget, and the needs of your home, period. No shpiels allowed! 

Review #3

Fast, Efficient Work On Small & Large Homes Alike.

Quality product with professional employees. Midland took off our 30+ year-old siding and installed TruCedar seamless steel siding. The house is quieter, looks far better, and is protected by lifetime-warranted siding that never needs to be painted. Work was delayed by winter weather, but once they started, our 2500-square-foot home was done in just over two weeks. Yes, you’ll pay more than vinyl. It’s worth it.

One of the hallmarks of our well-oiled machine siding crews is that they work fast and efficiently. When it comes to our impeccable Siding Installations, we take no chances, we cut no corners, and we care about each and every fine detail. For us, it’s clockwork. 



Review #3

Fast, Efficient Work On Small & Large Homes Alike.

Would most definitely recommend this business to someone looking to replace or install siding on their home! The crew boss works very well with his siding crew, who work very well together. A very efficient team. Everyone knew what to do and did it very well. Really awesome team, and a joy to see this type of teamwork. Questions were answered in terms you could understand. All very respectful and courteous.

Here again, this homeowner was blown away by our overall process. When we show up to work, that’s exactly what we’re going to do. No dilly-dallying, no wasting time, no unprofessional behavior. And you bet, we’re all more than happy to answer your questions every step of the way. 

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