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What You Need To Know About Entry Door Replacement In Olathe, KS

3 Things You Should Know About Your Entry Door Project In Olathe, KSWhat To Keep In Mind When Replacing Your Front

What You Need To Know About Entry Door Replacement In Olathe, KS

3 Things You Should Know About Your
Entry Door Project In Olathe, KS

What To Keep In Mind When
Replacing Your Front Door

The original entry door of your Olathe, KS, home should last you for decades. However, it will eventually need to be replaced. Whether to afford you better security or because you need something more energy efficient, a new door can help you feel safer and more comfortable in your home.

However, most people have never purchased a replacement entry door. Because of this, you may have questions about the project or feel insecure that you aren’t familiar with the process. Because they are so durable and need replacement so infrequently, you are not alone in feeling this way about your door.

Entry doors come in a wide selection of styles, colors, and materials. Your selection could be with you for the rest of the time you own the residence. Therefore, it is essential to make the right decision. To help you do that, below are some important things you should know about an entry door replacement project in Johnson County.

1. Signs Your Olathe, KS, Entry
Door Needs To Be Replaced?

You need to be able to determine whether your current front door needs to be replaced. If it does, you should address the issue promptly. If it does not, decide if you will try to squeeze a few more years out of your current door.

Below are some key signs your existing door should be replaced:

It Has Rust Or Structural Damage

One of the most common signs that it is time to replace your door is if it exhibits physical damage or rust. The presence of dings, deep scratches, or rust indicates that the door’s structural integrity has been compromised and may not provide the security you desire.

Rust, corrosion, and other structural damage could make the door vulnerable to impacts from burglars or home invaders. If this is an issue that concerns you, beware of the problem when selecting a new entry door. Choose one that is sturdy, durable, and designed to keep uninvited visitors from accessing your home.

It Has Suffered Water Or Pest Damage

Homes in a flood plain or area prone to termites, carpenter ants, or other pests can feature doors that have been weakened by moisture or insect damage. This weakens the door and makes you less secure in your home. It may also let in drafts and enable heat loss or gain during periods of extreme temperatures.

Mud tubes close to the ground on the side of the door are a sure sign of termites. Holes in the side of the door, small piles of sawdust on the ground outside the door, soft, rotten wood, and a hollow sound when you tap the door are all possible signs of termite or carpenter ant infestation.

It Is Warped Or Cracked

Warping or cracking are often signs of moisture damage, whether from rain, melting, snow, or flooding. Wood absorbs moisture when it gets wet. It expands, contracts, and warps. The door can become misshapen so that it doesn’t close properly. Air can escape or blow indoors through cracks, which causes your furnace or AC to work overtime.

When it becomes warped, the door twists out of shape so that it does not fit as it should into its frame. This can make it difficult to open since the wood of the door is pressing too firmly against the door frame. Similarly, it may not close properly because the misshapen door is bumping against the frame instead of sliding smoothly into it.

Thus, you may find you are paying more in utility bills. Your home may feel too hot, too cold, or too humid. You may notice your HVAC system runs too long or too frequently. It may even break down and require repairs more often than before. These are all possible signs your entry door needs replacement.

2. What Should You Know Before Replacing
An Olathe, KS, Entry Door?

Before commencing a door replacement project, you should know whether you need just a new door or the entire door frame. Hanging a slab door is a far simpler project than installing a new door frame or “prehung” door. It is also less expensive. However, if the door is sufficiently damaged, it may be likely that the frame needs replacement, too.

Be sure to examine both parts of the doorway before you decide to move forward with the project.

Next, decide which door material you want. Steel doors are among the most secure, while plain wooden doors are less expensive but still offer considerable security against impacts and intruders. French doors feature one or more windows that let you look outside and see who is visiting before you answer the door.

Iron doors feature ornate scrollwork that many people find very attractive, so such doors are a good choice if you are concerned about curb appeal.

3. What Can You Expect During A Johnson
County Entry Door Replacement Project?

During an entry door replacement project, you should expect the construction crew to arrive when they say they will and provide an accurate estimate of how long the job should take. For most doors, this should take only a single morning or afternoon.

The workers will have to come inside your home. They will have to bring in tools and supplies, but most contractors will have their team wear booties so they do not track dirt into the house. They should also clean up after themselves once the door has been installed. In fact, if drilling or sawing is required, they should lay down tarps.

The contractor will probably ask that someone in the family remain in the house while the project is underway in case the workers need verbal approval or answers to questions.

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