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Why An Entry Door Is A Great Investment

Is A New Entry Door A Good Investment For Your Olathe, KS Home? Enjoy These Benefits Of A New Entry DoorThe entry

Why An Entry Door Is A Great Investment

Is A New Entry Door A Good Investment
For Your Olathe, KS Home?

Enjoy These Benefits Of
A New Entry Door

The entry door of your Olathe, KS house is responsible for a large portion of the heat loss and gain the dwelling experiences. The more energy-efficient it is, the more you save on energy bills. It is also a key part of your family’s sense of home security. The stronger and sturdier the door is, the safer your family and belongings are.

Although your home’s original door should last for decades and provide many years of trouble-free service, eventually, it will deteriorate and require replacement. However, even if the existing door can hobble by for a few more years, a new entry door might be a good investment for you.

Below are some key reasons why a new entry door for your Johnson County home could be a wise investment that provides a good return – even if the original door still has some life left in it.

1. A New Entry Door Provides Enhanced Security

A new front door is usually sturdier, more durable, and better able to withstand impacts than an older door.

Older doors, no matter their material, can experience structural weakness over time that makes them a weaker barrier to entry against intruders than a new entry door. For instance, wood can absorb moisture over time and rot, which makes the door susceptible to splitting under the force of an impact.

Even metal, which is the strongest door material, is subject to rust and oxidation. These chemical processes weaken the door’s structural integrity and could enable burglars to break through it and into your home. That is why it is essential that you replace an entry door once it begins showing signs of rust, brittleness, or wood rot.

Inspect your current door at least once every year. Look for warping, discoloration, or staining that might indicate moisture absorption. Look for signs of rust. Tap around the edges and center of the door for sounds of hollowness. This could indicate weakened structural integrity. Be sure to inspect the door frame, as well.

If the frame is deteriorating, too, consider installing a pre-hung door. This includes a new frame that slides into the existing aperture. It costs more than a “slab” door – which includes only the door and hardware but no frame – but it is a convenient way to upgrade the entire door/frame structure.

2. A New Entry Door Reduces
Utility Bills In Your Home

As discussed above, the entry door lets considerable heat energy in and out of your home. This means you lose warmth during winter and gain heat in the summer. All year long, an energy-inefficient door costs you money in heating and cooling costs. It makes your HVAC system run longer and more frequently, which shortens its lifespan.

A new front door made with modern materials and an energy-conscious design and construction can save you money in utilities year-round. Even better, because the furnace and air conditioner do not run as much and undergo less wear and tear, they do not break down as often. They last longer and require fewer repairs and maintenance.

Best of all, you can be more sure they will operate properly. The last thing you want is for your furnace to fail on the coldest day of the year or for your air conditioner to conk out during an extended heatwave. Your family’s comfort – and safety – are at stake. A new door reduces their risks and saves you money.

3. Entry Door Replacement Boosts Curb Appeal

An attractive, new entry door is the first thing that visitors see when they arrive on your doorstep. This means the door has a considerable impact on whether or not the home makes a good first impression. If you are concerned about portraying a tidy, well-kept residence, start by updating the front door.

But first impressions are not just a matter of house pride. An attractive exterior boosts the home’s resale value. A house that looks well-kept, has a good-looking entry door, and appears to have been maintained with care may attract a higher price when placed on the market. It may sell more quickly or even attract multiple bidders.

Reach Out To Midland Exteriors In Olathe, KS
For Professional Entry Door Installation

Entry door replacement is often a great investment because it boosts security, reduces utility bills, and extends the life of heating and cooling systems. It also improves the resale value of the home and may help you sell it more quickly.

If you seek entry door installation in Johnson County, contact Midland Exteriors in Olathe, KS. We are well known throughout the area for our expert installation, friendly service people, and competitive pricing. Call us at 855-735-8255 to schedule a free estimate.

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