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Why High-Pressure Sales Tactics = LOW-Quality Results

High-Pressure Sales Tactics Are A Surefire Sign Of A LOW-Quality KC RemodelerYou Never Have To Deal With Arm-Twisting

Why High-Pressure Sales Tactics = LOW-Quality Results

High-Pressure Sales Tactics Are A Surefire
Sign Of A LOW-Quality KC Remodeler

You Never Have To Deal With Arm-Twisting
During Our Friendly Consultations.

We’ve all dealt with sleazy, slick salespeople who pull out every trick in the book to get us to sign their dotted lines and buy what they’re selling. It’s more than just annoying and rude and inconvenient, though.

It’s also a blatant sign of a TERRIBLE KC area home remodeler.

This approach demonstrates they don’t respect you enough to let you make a calm, FULLY informed decision, and they’re desperate to make a buck – even if it means selling you something you don’t need.

No genuine, long-standing, and trusted remodeler EVER behaves like this or treats customers this way. Why? Because it’s bad for business:

  • They lose most of their potential customers.
  • They get almost no referrals.
  • They get horrible reviews.
  • They shut their doors.

Midland’s doors have been open for decades, partly because from day one we knew we didn’t want to have anything to do with that nonsense. We treat people RIGHT.

Desperate Sales Tactics Are A Sign

While you can’t jump to any firm conclusions when you encounter a high-pressure salesperson, there are some safe bets you can make.

For one thing, they probably receive a commission from whatever products or services they’re selling. This doesn’t mean they’re not good, but it does mean they have a financial incentive to sell you their windows, siding, etc.

  • What if you need something more customized and personalized?
  • What if their windows are overkill or perhaps vice versa?
  • What if the brands they sell aren’t a good fit for you?

They don’t really care. And they don’t have the experience or training to understand the many variables involved in these particular kinds of remodeling projects. Choosing new siding or KC-tough replacement windows shouldn’t be based on whatever your contractor makes $ on.

It should be based on what’s best for you, your home, and your budget.


Smart Decisions Aren’t Made Under Pressure

Another red flag of the high-pressure sales approach is the fact that you’re being pushed to make a decision you haven’t fully thought through. In short, you’re being coerced into making a potentially expensive decision under PRESSURE.

That’s not the way to find the optimal type of siding or gutters for YOUR needs. Instead, you should weigh your options and do your research. That’s why Midland consultations are centered around figuring out your needs and walking you through your options. We aren’t going to be involved in any decision we know you’ll regret. No way.

We want you to choose the exterior solutions that’ll fit your budget, protect your home, and hopefully save you money.

Our “Results 1st, Profits 2nd” Approach
To KC Area Remodeling

At Midland Exteriors, we’re here to actually HELP and SERVE the Johnson County homeowners we work with – end of story. We’re not focused on squeezing maximum profits out of every interaction. Instead, we’re focused on delivering exterior remodeling solutions that last for decades and give our customers the quality of life they want and deserve.

So what does our commitment to putting results 1st & profits 2nd look like?

  • It means we give you a clear, line-by-line quote on your remodel that reflects the fair and honest value of our products and services.
  • It also means the products we offer are from reputable manufacturers and come with top-notch warranties.

We insist on quality exterior products that’ll LAST and protect your home from the harsh Kansas elements. Anything less, and we wouldn’t be putting our customers first.

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Are you an Eastern Kansas or KC area homeowner in need of exterior remodeling services? Want to avoid the nonsense sales tactics of lower-tier contractors? Reach out and connect with the Midland Exteriors team. You can pick up the phone anytime and call (855)735-8255 or use our website to request your free quote or estimate. We look forward to hearing from you!

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