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Why We Allow YOU To Call Our Past Clients Directly

Remove ALL Doubt And Choose An Exterior Remodeler With A+ References At Midland Exteriors, We LOVE When You Ask Us For

Why We Allow YOU To Call Our Past Clients Directly

Remove ALL Doubt And Choose An Exterior
Remodeler With A+ References

At Midland Exteriors, We LOVE When
You Ask Us For Client References

Most Johnson County exterior remodelers will ecstatically show you their top reviews. But when it comes to references, they’re a little more hesitant. And I mean references where YOU actually call their former clients and ask them about their experience. Yeah, they usually don’t like that.

But why? Well, there could be several reasons:

  • They don’t have references for you to call
  • They’re fearful the reference may tell the ENTIRE story, not just the highlights
  • They want you to make a decision at the moment and don’t want to wait for you to vet their references properly

At Midland Exteriors, we have references – good ones. And we WANT you to call them. In all honesty, we’d feel comfortable with you calling ANY of our former clients. And we allow you to call as many as you want so that you’re 100% comfortable with your decision.

Does An Exterior Remodeler Have “Sticktoitiveness?”
You Can Find Out Through Their References

An exterior remodeling contractor tells you what you want to hear. They’ll showcase their good reviews, show final pictures from after a successful project, and explain in detail their plan for your exterior remodel.

But here’s the thing – can you trust them? After all, good intentions are just that – they’re intentions. They don’t actually indicate the company’s ability to follow through. “The best laid plans,” right?

With references, you’re learning about the company’s “sticktoitiveness.” And you can ask them all of the most important questions:

  • What was your project?
  • In the end, were you satisfied with the work they completed?
  • How long did it take for Midland Exteriors to finish the project?
  • Were there any issues or setbacks? If so, how did they handle them?

Our references are more than happy to answer your questions honestly and give great detail, so don’t feel shy to ask away. On the other hand, if a company dodges your request for references or cherry-picks one or two perfect ones, then consider it a major red flag.

Our References Ensure You’re 100% Certain
That We’re The Right Choice

We don’t want there to be any uncertainty when you choose us for your window replacement, siding installation, gutter services, or one of our other exterior remodeling services.

If you’re only 99% certain we’re the right company for you, then we’ll do all we can to ensure we get you to 100% before we start.

We do that by allowing you to speak with our former clients directly. We’re not there, and we won’t even know what they tell you. But we’re confident that they’ll reassure any doubts and answer all the questions you have.

The “Sniff Check” + Reference Checking
= Good Decision-Making

First, a contractor should pass the “sniff test.” You know, the feeling in your gut that tells you whether or not an exterior remodeler is trustworthy. If they pass, you should dive even deeper. Specifically, ask the exterior remodeler for references.

You’ll learn a lot about an exterior remodeling company by calling their references, such as:

  • The materials they use.
  • Their punctuality (or lack thereof)
  • The character, attitude, and professionalism of their installers.

These factors can’t be determined by the “sniff test” alone. But you can trust that good references, combined with good reviews and a detailed company history, indicate that you’ll also enjoy an awesome exterior remodeling experience.

So, for your next remodel, cross off your list all contractors who can’t (or won’t) provide references AND the ones who don’t have A+ references.

If you’re searching for an exterior remodeler who can provide numerous references and has a 20+ year track record of successful project completions, then call Midland Exteriors today for an accurate and detailed estimate.

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