When it comes to windows for your home, there are many options you can choose from. Different styles, shapes, thickness, durability, and most importantly, different materials. Our recommendation, due to many factors, always comes down to Infinity by Marvin Ultrex Fiberglass windows. There is a reason they are a top-rated brand with many incredible reviews, and why we recommend them to almost every homeowner. 

Fiberglass isn’t just superior to the options on the market already - they are 8x better than the other choices out there! We wanted to compare fiberglass windows by the numbers and show real comparisons to show you the hard data to allow you to make the best decision as a homeowner. 


Because fiberglass windows are made of such high-quality materials, they are less susceptible to temperature changes. This ensures that they are likely to overcome any seal failures. In fact, Ultrex Fiberglass can stand up to the strongest of wind, hail, and other extreme conditions we often encounter living in Kansas. Furthermore, as their name suggests, glass fibers are woven through the material to reinforce it, giving it more strength than standard windows. 

Low Maintenace

Fiberglass windows are a low-maintenance option. They don’t need to be continuously stained or sealed to protect against the weather. Compared to wood windows that offer a classic beauty, they require far more maintenance and care than fiberglass windows. Furthermore, Ultrex Fiberglass windows use an acrylic finish that is fade-resistant. This finish is 3 times thicker than competitive options, resisting chips, dents, or peeling.

Vinyl windows are often marketed as low maintenance and a better insulating alternative to other options. But the fact is, some vinyl windows will only last three years, and up to 10. Vinyl windows not only contract in the cold but because of that, can cause inefficiency in your home to regulate temperature. Fiberglass windows are said to last a lifetime! This means less home maintenance for you and more time spent getting to enjoy your beautiful home. 


Fiberglass is waterproof, so there is no opportunity for water to seep in between the cracks. This leaves less opportunity for rot, mold, or swelling due to moisture or humidity. More so, fiberglass has eight times the strength of vinyl, giving it significant strength against any type of moisture or temperature change.

Energy Efficient

Since fiberglass doesn’t expand or contract and doesn’t transfer heat or cold, it is an exceptional insulator. Fiberglass is extremely energy efficient and about 15% better than vinyl windows at insulating your home. When you add up to 15% savings on heating and cooling your home every year, the small additional cost for fiberglass is quickly re-paid.

Ultrex Fiberglass windows are resistant to leaks, seal failures, and stress cracks that could potentially comprise energy efficiency. With fiberglass windows, you can be assured that your windows stay tight and true.

Not Affected by Temperature

Vinyl windows, for example, can warp and buckle under any weather temperament, leaving these windows harder to open and close, and compromising their overall performance. 

Fiberglass windows are not affected by even the most extreme of temperatures, so opening and closing these windows is never a problem. This means that your windows are protected against shrinkage, swelling, and sagging. The windows keep a tight seal around the edges. 



As you are making an investment in your home with new windows, you want to make a customized choice that fits your family’s likes and needs. Fiberglass window frames come in a wide variety of styles and colors. The frames can also be painted to match the decor of your home. Because fiberglass can more closely mimic the look of wood windows, they are well suited for the aesthetics of your home. 

Superior Curb Appeal

Fiberglass windows increase your home’s value because they are a high-quality product that has a long lifespan and are not likely to need repairs or maintenance. As discussed before, Ultrex Fiberglass windows have incredible strength. Because of this, less material can be used. These windows can be built with narrower frames, so you get more incredible views for your money. 

The Importance of Your Choice

So, why is it important to consider fiberglass windows for your home? In Kansas, we have some of the toughest weather extremes in both summer and winter. As a homeowner, you need the materials to hold up, or you’ll always be stuck with home projects and investing even more money into your property. 

Although Fiberglass windows typically cost 10-30% more than other window types, the investment is worth it. With superior strength, low maintenance requirements, and durability, they are a popular choice for homeowners. The added cost is really pretty minimal when you compare how long you can expect your windows to last and truly insulate your home!

Are Fiberglass Windows a Good Fit for Your Home? 

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