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Winter Gutter Care

Winter Care Tips For Your Home's Gutters And Gutter Guards In Clay Center, KSGutter Guards Save Time and Effort And

Winter Gutter Care

Winter Care Tips For Your Home’s Gutters
And Gutter Guards In Clay Center, KS

Gutter Guards Save Time and Effort
And Prevent Gutter Trough Clogs

As the owner of a home with a gutter system, you may have considered installing gutter guards in Clay Center, KS. If you do, it will reduce the maintenance you must perform and limit the care you must provide to the gutter system.

Gutters are an essential add-on to your property since they collect rainwater and melting snow from your roof, channel it along the troughs and through downspouts, and direct it away from the house. Thus, they prevent water from pooling in the yard and destroying plants underneath the eaves. They also eliminate soil erosion.

However, to reap the full benefits of a gutter system, you must maintain it well—especially during winter. Otherwise, it can clog, leak, come detached, or otherwise fail to work as it should. Below are some key tips to help you maintain the gutters on your home during winter.

Repair The Joints Of Clay Center, KS Gutters

The next step is to perform any necessary repairs to the gutter system structure. If your gutters are sectional—meaning they have short sections that slide together at joints—you should inspect the joints for leaks, separations, or sagging. Where necessary, reconnect and caulk the joints to prevent leakage.

Furthermore, replace any loose or missing hangers that mount the gutters to the house. If these hangers are loose, a stiff winter storm might blow the trough or downspout off its mountings. You want the gutter system to be as sturdy as possible before the snow flies so wind and the weight of snow cannot damage it.

Alternatively, you can replace sectional gutters with a durable, seamless gutter system. You won’t have nearly as many maintenance requirements with these gutters, and they’ll be less likely to clog.

Trim Back Nearby Trees On Your Clay Center Property

Next, trim back the branches of trees that overhang your roof or are within reach of the gutters. This prevents leaves from collecting on the roof and keeps nearby limbs from battering the gutters when tossed in the wind. Leave 6 to 10 feet between your house and the nearest limbs. It prevents limb damage and minimizes leaf accumulation.

Install Heat Cables On Clay County Gutters

A heat cable is a long, electric cord that plugs into an outlet and runs along the inside or above a gutter trough. It radiates enough heat to melt ice in the gutter and allow water to flow down the spout and away from the home. These are available in most home improvement and hardware stores and are easy to install if you have a sturdy ladder.

Install Gutter Guards On Your Clay Center, KS Home

Gutter guards are useful all year round but are particularly valuable during fall and winter. Gutter guards are mesh screens that fit over the gutter’s top. They permit water to enter the trough but strain off leaves, twigs, and larger items. Instead, debris washes across the screen’s surface and falls to the ground.

Gutter guards prevent leaves and debris from collecting in the gutters, thus preventing clogs that might reduce gutter effectiveness. They reduce the maintenance you must perform year-round, making gutter trough cleaning much quicker and easier.

Moreover, gutter guards clip into the troughs between the front and back lips. This reinforces the gutter structure and makes them sturdier and stronger. They are thus better able to withstand buffeting winds, heavy rains, hail, and deep snowfalls. Gutter guards both reduce your maintenance requirements and extend your gutter lifespan.

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