Free Guide for Kansas Homeowners on What Matters When Judging Contractors

With all the different claims flying around in the home improvement industry, it can be difficult for Kansas homeowners across Kansas, including Manhattan, Topeka, Emporia, or Wichita, to know how to sort the good from the bad. Industry insiders know what really matters, but they keep it to themselves.

I decided to put all the information out there so anyone can have access to it. I created the Contractor Standards Guide so you will know what really matters when evaluating a home improvement company. The guide explains what to look for: insurance, licensing, rating with The Better Business Bureau… and many other areas most homeowners don’t know to ask about.

You might wonder whether an owner of a home improvement company could create an unbiased guide. This is a fair question. All I ask is that you read it and judge it for yourself. It is free – so there is no risk and no obligation to get it.

We put proof right in the guide that we meet the standards listed in the guide. To get a copy, please contact us and request the Contractor Standards Guide.


Jamie Musa, Owner
Midland Exteriors of Manhattan, KS