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Midland Installations Are Impeccable

Our In-House, Factory-Trained Installers Are Amazing!

We've all heard horror stories of exterior remodeling gone wrong.

The number-one reason for poor remodeling results? Sloppy ‘couldn’t care less’ installers.

Far too many companies hire inexperienced subcontractors for dirt-cheap wages. This leads to rush jobs, cut corners, and second-rate workmanship.

We're different.

At Midland Exteriors, our installers are passionate, factory-trained, and truly committed to the details. And that makes ALL the difference.

Consider this: How many warranty claims would you guess we’ve had to process after...let’s say the last thousand seamless steel siding installs we’ve done?

Zero! That’s 0/1000. Not one.

  • Thanks to our obsessive attention to detail, midland exteriors installs are distinct.
  • We bring Kansas homeowners only the highest-quality systems & products.
  • We’re among the few in this area who install fiberglass marvin windows.
  • We only hire vetted, extremely well-trained & seasoned professionals.

And do you know why each of our installs is uniformly ‘by the book’ and beyond bottom-line expectations from manufacturers? Because over the decades we’ve crystallized every aspect of our process.

For example, we aren’t going to nail your gorgeous new siding system into place. That’s ugly, inefficient, and unnecessary. Instead, we’re going to mechanically fasten the boards to your home for a cleaner install.

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When It Comes To Your Home & Remodeling Investment

We Make Zero Compromises Across The Board: No Half Measures!

Each detail of your installation is important to us. Not just the more obvious ones we know you can see, but those behind the scenes as well. We actually sweat the small stuff, because these are the ‘particulars of performance’ that define truly skillful workmanship.

At Midland, we don’t compromise on materials. Some examples include:

  • The fasteners we use for our seamless steel siding systems are superior. Subpar systems use fasteners made out of cheap crude plastic that won’t stand the test of time here in Kansas. Ours are made of much tougher material.
  • The special OSI spray foam insulation that fills our windows is superior. Rather than the usual fiberglass insulation other contractors use, we want to completely fill the voids in your windows for a perfect tighter seal. It means even better energy efficiency!
  • The caulking we use, one tube per window, is also 100% top of the line. While prices change, consider the difference between let’s say a cheap $2 tube of caulking, and a premium $8 tube. Sure, it costs more, but you get top-notch adhesion, flexibility, and longevity in return.

Each of these details may add to your bottom line, but they also add longer-lasting durability, strength, and value.

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Our Seasoned Crews Come Prepared

Polished Pros We’d Send To Our Mom’s House!

We actually have, if you can believe it. Sure, we’re a family-run company but that doesn’t mean we’re lax on professionalism.

From how clean we keep our company trucks and branded work attire, to how strict our hiring protocols are… Midland is prepared to far exceed your expectations. For the proof in the pudding, simply head on over to our Reviews & Ratings page to see what hundreds of our customers are saying.

As you can imagine, installation is a huge issue and we come through with flying colors for our Kansas neighbors.

On the other hand, if Midland sounds like the kind of exterior remodeling company you’d be interested in working with, go ahead and give us a call today. We look forward to hearing from you.

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Midland Exteriors is your go-to Kansas Exterior Remodeling Company. We install superior fiberglass windows, seamless steel siding, entry doors, gutters, and gutter guards. Proudly serving Manhattan, Topeka, Salina, Emporia, Flint Hills, North Kansas, Eastern Kansas, and Central Kansas. We come highly rated (A- with the Better Business Bureau) and our attention to detail is second to none. Call today to schedule a free, educational, and friendly appointment.

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