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Some companies in the home improvement industry are reluctant to give out references. Not us. We’re proud to give you the names of our happy customers so you can speak to them directly and find out what it’s like to work with Midland Exteriors.

How Many References Do You Want?

We’re also not stingy. We’re happy to give you more than one or two names. Beware of any company that only wants to give out such a minuscule amount. Midland Exteriors will give you one name if you want one name.

If you want three, we’ll give you three. If you want ten, we can give you ten!

Our goal is to give you the number of references you want to speak with to be completely comfortable that you’ve found the right home improvement company.

Do You Feel Awkward Calling References?

Don’t be. Most homeowners are quite open about sharing their experiences. Just as you will be once your project is done. If someone called you and wanted to know how you felt because they were nervous about a big home improvement project, wouldn’t you be candid with them? Most people are.

If you’re a little on the shy side about calling and talking to our past customers, here’s a list of questions that can help get the conversation started:

  • Were you satisfied with the job done by Midland Exteriors?
  • If there were any problems, how were they handled?
  • If you could do it over, would you hire them again? Did they keep all their promises?

These are just some ideas to get you started – ask them anything related to the project or our service that would be helpful to you.

Take The Next Step. Contact Us!

Email or call and let us know you’re considering doing business with Midland Exteriors and you would like some references. We will be happy to provide them.

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As a family-owned and operated company for more than 15 years, Midland Exteriors is here to change how remodeling services are done—setting the bar for all those unqualified and unprofessional providers. If you’re ready to love the home you live in, get in touch with our expert remodelers today!

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