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There’s an exceptionally good reason seamless aluminum gutters are the most popular gutter systems in Kansas (as well as across the nation)...and they MUST be installed by a seasoned professional: Because they work.

Here at Midland, we take it a step further to provide the best gutter protection possible. We don’t just install everyday cookie-cutter systems. Instead, we use elements from two powerhouse manufacturers to build you a truly custom solution tailored specifically for YOUR home: Senox for the core components, then industry-best Gutter Gekko gutter protection.

Why Choose A Seamless Aluminum Gutter System:

  • Customized ‘perfect fit’ solutions using premium Senox & Quality Edge products
  • Seamless aluminum systems are super-durable, rust-resistant, & cost-effective
  • No seams. so your personalized gutter system is near impervious to leakage
  • Truly protect your home from the nightmares moisture damage can cause


Gutters 100% Made In The USA


The job of your gutters sounds simple enough: manage and effectively route rainwater away from your home’s roofing, walls, foundation, and basement. Problem is, like anything else, substandard gutter systems lack performance and value.

For example, cheap vinyl sectional gutters may be rust-resistant and you don’t have to paint them either, but they’re not going to last you long. Not here in Kansas anyway. Over time they’ll crack and essentially fall apart like cheap vinyl windows or siding will. Steel gutters rust, and tend to be too heavy BEFORE you start adding leaves, debris, and heavy Kansas downpours.

On the other hand, seamless aluminum gutter systems are widely adorning homes across the nation because they work. But they must be installed by a professional.

Factory baked finishes in 30+ colors covered by a rock-solid 50-year warranty that can compliment the look and style of any kind of home (or business for that matter).
A full-range of specialized gutter accessories: hidden hangers, half-round internal & external hangers, outlets, offsets, miters, conductor heads, rain barrels, & much more.
Every detail is enhanced to make your gutter system more effective. Even their nails, drive pins, and anchors...down to their proprietary Senox Speed Master® Screws!
100% made in America: The aluminum is produced in Mount Holly, SC; paint is manufactured in Birmingham, AL; aluminum coil is painted in Mesquite, TX; downspouts, elbows, and accessories are rolled and stamped in Austin, TX.

Midland Stands Behind Our Careful,
Specialized Gutter Installs

Keep Debris Out & Water Moving!

We look to one primary gutter protection system to dramatically add value to your seamless gutter system: Gutter Gekko by QualityEdge.

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#1 Gutter Protection Option

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Gutter Gekko’s surgical-grade steel micro mesh creates an impenetrable barrier.

- For Kansas homes that aren’t good fits for TruGuard’s hood system, this incredible micro mesh fits on all roofs.

- Interlocking panels keep seams from unraveling, all while handling up to 60 gallons of water per minute.

- Nothing gets through but water, not tiny debris, leaves, pests, grit, or anything that’s bigger than 440 microns.

“Our ideally sized mesh guarantees it will take in all of the water it encounters while keeping out all debris, and the surgical grade stainless steel will not corrode over time.”

Midland Stands Behind Our Careful, Specialized Gutter Installs

We Offer A 1-Year Workmanship Guarantee

And A Lifetime Of ‘Call Us Anytime’ Local Care

We’re going to help you find the perfect rain removal and collection system to protect your home and your fascia that will last… last… last! The really good news is this: because our team will be doing the sizing and cutting on site, you’re guaranteed that sharp, perfect fit your home deserves.

Afterward, Midland will be keeping an eye on your installation over the first year. If by some small chance we’ve made a mistake, it should surface and we’ll happily take care of it free of charge. But from there, you’re a part of the Midland family for life. We’re committed to our work, our customers, and our local reputation. You can depend on our quick, accurate service.

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