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NOTHING Beats Seamless Steel Siding.

Superior Strength | Modern Sustainability | Distinguished Style

Here in Kansas, nothing beats steel siding. Plain and simple, no other siding material lasts longer or looks better over time. When installed by our extremely qualified and experienced teams, your seamless steel siding will continue performing for decades...and decades.

While there was a time when classic steel siding looked metallic and dull (originally patented in 1903), today's TruCedar system is truly stunning.

See for yourself how detailed and textured their wood grains are. And yet, just imagine the world of difference between maintaining natural wood shakes and specially-treated steel that’s guaranteed not to rust, flake, or fade.

  • Each piece of your carbon-reinforced steel alloy siding is designed to protect. We don’t just want your home to look amazing, but to be safeguarded against whatever our Kansas climate throws at it as well.
  • Each sheet is dipped in molten G60 zinc for an extra-protective coating. It forms a tough layer that prevents moisture and oxygen from getting to the steel, then bonds to make the material even stronger!

Complete Top-To-Bottom Systems

This takes a comprehensive, complete ‘from shakes to screws’ siding system, where each component works in tandem with the others. Not just a bunch of panels nailed onto your home.

From the trim, channeling and flashing, to the fascia, siding, board & batten, gutters, and more, QualityEdge has left no stone unturned. You’re truly investing in and giving your home the best.

Blueprint Breakdown

More Head-Turning Styling Options

Modern steel siding comes in a wide assortment of colors for both contemporary and traditional styles.

If you browse our customer reviews, what you’ll find are families who love both the beauty and crisp transformations TruCedar offers. Steel siding is guaranteed to add that ‘pop!’ you’re looking for.

Styling Options

Improved Energy Efficiency

Meanwhile, their paint system (SunMaster50) reflects sunlight. This improves your energy efficiency ratings while providing a harder, more durable, and mold-resistant surface.

When stacked against similar materials like polyester, siliconized polyester, and PVDF paints, TruCedar outperforms. Perfect for much cooler sidewalls!

Panel Breakdown

Seamless Steel Siding Checks All The Marks

Siding Checkmarks

Does steel siding come with a higher sticker price than fiber cement and vinyl alternatives? No, not necessarily. There are thin low-grade options and cheap amateur-hour systems available if you want siding that’s noisy in the wind, blows off easily and doesn’t last.

On the other hand, if you’ll settle for nothing less than a stunning TruCedar seamless steel siding system... it’s like having a factory-fresh new engine installed into your car. Valuable and lasting systems come at a premium because it takes experience, skill, and meticulous attention to detail to build and install them with absolute precision. At Midland, that’s our passion.

When we compare these three siding materials based on value and performance, the answer becomes clear: Steel wins hands down.

Guaranteed Durability & Lifetime Coverage


Thirty years from now your home’s siding will still look like it was just installed -- no painting needed! In fact, it won’t even be at half of its general service lifetime by then. Whether you’re still living there or you’ve moved on, TruCedar’s innovative system will be performing as new.

  • Whereas vinyl can expand & contract up to 3/4ths of an inch, steel siding only expands & contracts 1/16th of an inch -- even with temperature swings of 100 degrees!
  • Because of how stout and rigid the sheets are, they really help to straighten walls that have indentations or areas where insulation’s popping out.
  • Our accessories ensure a beautiful finish every time in every color, style and texture we provide.

Ready To Get Started On Your Kansas Home?

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Your home needs siding that will stay strong, stay durable, stay energy efficient, and stay beautiful without asking so much of you.

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