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  • Midland exteriors is one of the best steel siding installers in America.
  • Have your replacement siding precision-tailored by mastercraftsmen.
  • Forget taking chances. Our installation process is time-tested & guaranteed!

When you decide to have your Kansas home painstakingly wrapped in special galvanized steel siding, call Midland. We’re going to professionally and carefully tailor each component to your Kansas home’s exact dimensions on-site with magazine-quality precision.

Our 20+ years of installing gorgeous steel siding is your peace of mind!

No amateur-hour contractor mistakes. No ugly mishaps. No hasty ‘looks just like every other home’ kind of work. With Midland you know each detail, each inch of fancy trim work, and every finishing touch is going to be flawless.

High-Grade Finishes | Distinctive Profiles | Superior Craftsmanship

Unlike conventional siding (most vinyl options for example), high-grade seamless steel siding isn’t DIY-friendly. To get the full value, money, and long-lasting performance you’re investing in, installation should only be done by seasoned experts. Here’s just a few examples of why our installations across Kansas are so distinct.

They may cost a little more and take a little longer, but you get a TON more value!

Initial Siding Design Consultation

With Midland, you’re not just an invoice number. You’re not just another customer. You’ll know that from the moment we arrive to take you through your options with seamless steel siding. No pressure. No presentations. No sales of any kind really. Instead, we’re going to take extremely specific measurements and help you find the perfect solution for your needs.

Don’t just take our word for it, put us to the test. Take a minute or two and browse our reviews to see for yourself. One of the main reasons we’re so successful with our siding installations is because we take all the time necessary upfront for a squeaky-clean and smooth process.

Professional Planning & Scheduling

Planning is absolutely crucial. We don’t ‘wing it’ when it comes to our work. Mistakes with seamless steel siding aren’t just unsightly and annoying, they can be costly! We’ve got to make sure we do the installation while the weather is right, and when it’s most convenient for you and your family.

We’ve also got to order the right amount of materials (including accessories): not too much, and not too much less. The good news is that with so many years of experience in our area, our high-caliber installers have worked with every obstacle there is. We know what to expect. We know how to avoid problems. And we know how to get past mid-project surprises.

Exacting, World-Class Installation

Of course our installers are specialized, trained, outfitted with every tool necessary and fully supported for a fast flawless installation. And you already know your siding will be custom fabricated on-site.

That the areas around your windows and doors will be perfect goes without saying. But what happens out of sight, below the surface, to make our installations among the best in the nation? Here’s a small handful of easy examples.

Examples Of A ‘Distinctly Midland’ Siding Installation

We Use Expensive Exterior-Grade EVERYTHING -- While other siding installers rely on cheap materials, like a $35 bucket of nails that fail to keep your siding from catching the wind and ripping off, we use expensive exterior-grade screws that are over $100 a box. Every piece is experty fastened to your home for long-lasting performance.
We Do A Lot More Water Management BEFORE Install -- We spend more time on things like flashing and using special seam tape to minimize overall water penetration into your system during storms. Most other installers don’t focus this much on properly preparing for outstanding results.
We Use Superior Insulation Compared To Cheap Foams -- Cheap foam-based insulation isn’t just harder to work with and messier, it simply doesn’t perform as well as our specialized extruded polystyrene insulation. GreenGuard lays flat, it’s smooth, and it’s perforated to allow moisture vapor to escape. No water absorption, no mold, just long-lasting insulating performance.
We Mechanically Fasten Top Siding Sections -- And then we use custom trim to cover the screws for a flawless presentation. Each of these little details matter! Most installers don’t bother with this level of craftsmanship. But here at Midland, we pride ourselves on going the extra yard every time.

No-Stone-Left-Unturned Follow Through

Midland isn’t the kind of company that disappears after installation has come and gone. We’re local, family-run, and we care. We aren’t going anywhere. We don’t operate using the classic ‘tail light warranty’ that only lasts as long as you see our tail lights driving down the road.

Your project will be followed up on until we know beyond any shadow of doubt that you’re satisfied, enjoying the value and performance you’ve invested in. Period.

Powerful Warranties & Exceptional Value!

Not only are you going to be covered by Midland with our comprehensive 1-year warranty, but you’ll be working with QualityEdge. How does the best coverage in the industry sound? Together we’ll see to it that you and your siding investment are as safeguarded as your new steel-clad home.

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As a family-owned and operated company for more than 15 years, Midland Exteriors is here to change how remodeling services are done—setting the bar for all those unqualified and unprofessional providers. If you’re ready to love the home you live in, get in touch with our expert remodelers today!

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